Welcome Professor Jim Coons



Dr. Jim Coons has recently been hired as an Assistant Professor in the Department of History. Dr. Coons graduated from Miami (OH) University with a BA in History and a PhD from UW-Madison in History and a specialization in early modern Europe




Here is some interesting information provided by our new colleague:

Research:  My research deals with early modern Europe in general, and specifically political culture and gender in 17th-century France. My focus is currently on a failed rebellion in the early years of Louis XIV’s reign, through the lens of a famous Prince whose reputation went from hero, to rebel, to traitor over the course of a few years. I’m particularly interested in the ways in which his rapid fall was portraye din popular political pamphlets, and how his image as a national savior and honorable nobleman decayed (or sometimes didn’t), and what that all meant for the development of royal absolutism under the Sun King.

Personal Life:  My family consists of one wife (Eileen Zeiger), and one 3-month old daughter (Vera Louise Zeiger). I’m a big soccer fan, and I try my best to play (although I think I missed my window to actually be any good). Also an avid disc sports, broomball, and general obscure-athletics enthusiast. Badly novice, but eager gardener, as well.

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