Welcome Professor Michael Friedson



Dr. Michael Friedson has recently been hired as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology, Criminology & Anthropology. Dr. Friedson graduated from New York University with a PhD in Sociology and also has a JD from NYU School of Law.



Here is some interesting information provided by our new colleague:

Research:  My research focuses on the war on drugs, the national decline in violent crimes, and the relationship of poverty and other forms of disadvantages in childhood health.

Personal Life:  An interesting aspect of my life is that I studied abroad in India as an undergraduate, without previously knowing much about that society. All the questions that experience raised for me, in terms of trying to better understand India, helped me realize my interests and lead me down the path of becoming a social scientist.

Hobbies:  My hobbies include; traveling, hiking, listening to jazz, alternative, and experimental music, and trying new food from different cultures.

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