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Being a Successful Online Learner

Completing your college degree from the comfort of your couch in your pajamas, now that sounds awesome!  Online learning gives students flexibility and convenience to earn their degree while juggling multiple other things in their life like work and family. So how do you know if you are ready to be an online learner? These tips may help you succeed in online learning.


You don’t have to be a computer geek to succeed in an online course. Anyone that can surf the internet, shop online, and attach a document to an email has the basic computer skills necessary to take an online course. No need to rush out and buy the top of the line, most expensive laptop either. Check out the minimum computer requirements needed to access the online business courses.

Ditch your dial-up internet connection. You will need more than just the basic dial-up internet service. Because the online business courses have video and interactive components, you will need a little bit more than basic dial-up.

Organization is crucial. Online learning requires discipline and time management skills. The most successful students set a specific time for coursework and recommend devoting some time at least every other day to their online course. This prevents procrastination and falling behind. Upfront planning is also critical to your success. Take your syllabus and course calendar the very first day of class and integrate it with every other responsibility or commitment you have for the rest of the semester.  Remember, give yourself some time to relax and enjoy!

Yes you can! Stay motivated. Some students have a specific goal in mind such as completing their degree in order to be promoted at work. Others have always wanted a college degree and some have their sights set on the graduation ceremony.  Whatever your motivation is to earn a business degree, always remember that and focus on why you want this degree.  Your motivation will help you learn more and push yourself especially in stressful times.

Ask questions, and then ask more questions. An advantage of an online class is there is no time limit for discussions like a face-to-face class. Ask more questions; make the most of your online discussions.  Be more in-depth and engage other classmates and your instructor in grand discussions. You will learn more and be more interested in your course which means you are motivated as well!

Connect with your classmates, professors, and your school. Reach out to your classmates and create your own “learning community.” You are all in this online class together; why not create your own support network? Your connections with classmates can translate into career networking opportunities down the road. Ask your professor for help if you don’t understand something. Building a connection with a professor not only engages you in learning, it can also lead to great networking connections for future employability.  And last, but by no means least, you are more than an online student.  You are a UW-Whitewater Warhawk. As an online student, you can still be a part of many campus activities. Attend events without coming to campus, check out the CoBE YouTube Channel for videos of events on campus.


In closing, a wise instructor once said “There is a common theme with online learning and that is higher grades are earned by those who do not procrastinate, who keep in touch with instructors, who interact with other students by asking questions, and who never miss deadlines.”  Do those things and you are on a great path to success. And as always, remember you are a member of one of the greatest business schools in the world.  You are a UW-Whitewater College of Business and Economics student.

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1 Response to Being a Successful Online Learner

  1. Online learning is much easier than everybody thinks. You can stay at home and just need to have a computer to start learning. That’s all you need.
    Of course, you should have a good personal motivation skills to cooperate your studying time and workload.
    So, I’m totally agree with your thoughts in the article.

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