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Meet Your Faculty – Dr. Shreyasee Das

Name: Shreyasee Das (Shreya)

Department: Economics

What was your favorite subject in school?

This might come as a surprise, I hated math (with a passion). My favorite subject was English literature. My dad hated it when I threw tantrums refusing to sit down with him to better my Math skills. Somewhere in all of this tantrum and hate for math, I started loving math. Don’t ask me how that happened. I will toot my own horn and say that probably was when I told my dad that I was going to pursue Economics because it had so much Math content. So in short, math and English literature were my favorite subjects. And here I am, an Economics professor.

What were you doing before you came to Whitewater?

Before I got to Whitewater, I was enjoying the heat in Houston, Texas (I’m kidding, or maybe I am not). I was finishing up my dissertation at the University of Houston. I did my undergraduate and masters at UH as well, so the phrase “Once a Cougar, always a Cougar” is mega-true for me. Go COOGS!!!!

What made you want to teach?

I made extra money when I taught my classmates in undergrad in the classes they were struggling with; an extra 5 bucks definitely helped me get that cappuccino at Starbucks. The fact that I could get the confidence to teach my classmates, and then later on handle full classes of undergraduates who judge you with their piercing looks, made me think I could definitely teach someday. Whether I personally have the maturity to do so or not, is a whole different ball game. However, as clichéd as this might sound, it was definitely a way to also continue what some of my good professors have done for me, which is they taught us for us to gain knowledge and I intend to at least achieve half of that.

What research are you currently working on?

My research is in the area of Development Economics with a focus on India. I am currently working on property rights allocation and how that affects household behavior and also the effects of water allocation on local economy.

What do you like to do outside of the College of Business & Economics?

If you haven’t heard this yet from me like a thousand million times, then here’s another time – I LOVE TO DANCE. I dance while I am driving (not the ideal scenario especially when it comes to snow and driving), I dance while I am at home, I love to teach dance.

What is something that students would be surprised to learn about you?

I taught Bollywood dance for about 5 years to the Graduate Indian Student Organization at UH. I hope to open a dance school one day.

What is something about teaching that was unexpected when you first began?

It’s always good to take a step back and start with the basics. Students might not remember everything from their previous classes, and a little refresher goes a looooonnng way.

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Marketing Specialist for the College of Business and Economics.
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2 Responses to Meet Your Faculty – Dr. Shreyasee Das

  1. She seems very ambitious, I wish you success

  2. Shreyasee Das says:

    Thank you

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