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Business of Water: A Student’s Perspective


The motifs of water, particularly its scarcity, availability, and necessity, seem to be extremely common nowadays, and when a third of the world’s population lives in an area with water shortages, it’s easy to see why.

Access to clean freshwater is the most basic need on the planet, and is used for everything from drinking and sanitation to food production and industrial processes. It comes as no surprise then that various groups are starting to emerge with the aim of solving or mitigating these problems, among them being the Milwaukee Water Council.

The goal of the Water Council is to make Milwaukee a Water Industry and research hub.

They are calling on the expertise of every institution in the region.

Water looks better nakedChief among them is UW-Whitewater, which pioneered the first Student Water Council affiliated with MWC. This is by no means a coincidence either, as the President of Badger meter and mastermind behind moving Milwaukee to a water industry hub, Rich Meeusen, was also a graduate from UW-Whitewater.

The Student Water Council is an organization that has been charged with spreading awareness of water issues at local, national, and international levels, along with being a group that cultivates the talent of it’s students and promotes an atmosphere where ideas and solutions to water problems can flourish.

Linda Reid, the advisor for the group, is also encouraging students to participate in research projects focused around water which will be displayed during earth week at the end of April. The group is currently working on campaigns to educate fellow students about water usage, planning a trip to the water treatment facilities in Milwaukee to learn how water is reclaimed and put back into the environment, and is getting involved with organizations that are trying to remedy the problems in the Rock River watershed.

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