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About the Blog: 

This blog is written and produced by the Undergraduate Research Program writing mentors. It is intended to provide a platform for us to share our thoughts about writing and research. The writing mentors are two English majors who have been trained in peer tutoring practices who are excited to start blogging.

Writing Mentors: 

Kaitie Bergmann

Kaitie Bergmann is an English Education major and a Junior at UW-Whitewater. She is passionate about literature and composition; one of her aims is to help students to grow in the area of writing. Kaitie has been an avid reader her whole life and has more recently developed an interest in the many different kinds of writing. She hopes that her future will be full of teaching high schoolers with engaging lessons and interesting narratives. When Kaitie is not reading for class or working, she can be found spending time with friends, at campus ministry events, or watching Downton Abbey and drinking tea.

Alexis Labadie

Alexis is a Professional Writing and Publishing major with a minor in Creative Writing. She is currently a senior and a member of Delta Zeta sorority. She is looking forward to this new opportunity to help others improve their writing.  She enjoys reading and playing her Xbox 360 or Playstation 4 in her free time.

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