Week of February 11 Weekly Recap

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Hey Everyone!

I hope that you had a great week and it was filled with love and great music. I got through 13 albums this week, but none of them were too amazing nor were any too bad either. And with that let’s go through the short breakdown.

4eva is a Mighty Long Time by Big K.R.I.T.

Rating: C+

Going in I thought I was going to hate this album, but overall I thought it was pretty ok. Not something I would ever listen to again, but not as bad as I thought it was going to be. My main complaint with this album is that it is an hour and a half long, which is kind of ridiculous.


When Was The Last Time by Darius Rucker

Rating: C

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of country so this album was not really for me. I tend to only like country albums that add a little bit of flair or something different to them, but this one was really pretty generic which is why I went with the C rating.


Parkjiyoon9 by Park Ji Yoon

Rating: A-

This was a Korean album, and I would put it in the K-Ballad category. I thought that it did exactly what it was meant to do as an album of ballads and I thoroughly enjoyed the album as a whole.


Crooked Shadows by Dashboard Confessional

Rating: A-

I was not expecting the type of sound that actually came from this album. It was a lot slower, chiller pop sound than their previous stuff. I overall really liked the album, but am worried that it will not do well commercially because it doesn’t really have a radio single anywhere on the album, and is more of an album that you would listen to in the background while studying versus actually listen to.


Remember Me by 4men

Rating: B

Here was another K-ballad album that made it into my ears this week. I thought it was a beautiful album and I was fortunate enough to be working on homework while listening to it, and it was perfect for that. This album was extremely long though because it included all of the instrumental tracks as well, which is both good and bad.


Nou Pap Domi Deyo: Ou Pa Kontan, Vin Bat Mwen by Djakout #1

Rating: C

This was my first time listening to Haitian compas music, and honestly nothing really stood out to me. I was playing it and it just kind of flew by and suddenly it was over.


Without Warning by Offset, 21 Savage, Metro Boomin

Rating: C+

I really liked the first portion of this album a lot. But, then as the album went on there were a few derogatory songs towards women that I did not care for. And there were a few songs that just seemed to drag on, and were not very good.



Rating: C+

This was another one of those albums that just flew by while I was listening to it and I didn’t really pay much attention to it. It didn’t really have any outstanding good qualities, but it also didn’t have any bad qualities either.


Freeze! by Momoland

Rating: B-

To be honest I am really picky about my kpop girl groups so it is really hard for me to find albums that I truly like. This album there was nothing on it that I really loved, but there’s nothing on it that I really hated either. Which, is basically a win for me in terms of girl group albums.


Kids in Love by Kygo

Rating: C

Yet again another album that had no outstanding qualities to it.


Unapoligetically by Kelsea Ballerini

Rating: C

This is another country album, and as I explained above I don’t really care for country albums, and this didn’t really have anything about it that stood out.


In Tounges by Joji

Rating: C+

This was a really weird album. It had a really interesting sound that I hadn’t really heard before, but I didn’t necessarily like it.


What’s Up Hyung? by Bizzy

Rating: B

This is a Korean rap album, and it was pretty good. I had never really heard of Bizzy before, but there were a lot of my favorite Korean rappers featured on the last track of this album, and it was pretty good. I’m definitely going to keep and eye out for Bizzy in the future.

“Crooked Shadows” by Dashboard Confessional

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Hey everyone!

Today’s albums is called Crooked Shadows by Dashboard Confessional.

Rating: A-

Link to Album:

Music Video: “We Fight”

Going into listening to this album I had never really heard of Dashboard Confessional before. They were ringing some very distant emo/alternative bells for me, but I couldn’t necessarily associate them with a song or album off the top of my head. I did some research to try and see where I might have heard them before, but nothing was really standing out to me either. So, my expectations going into this album was that it was going to be an alternative/pop punk type album, but that was a really weak assumption at that.

But oh, was I wrong.

This album was way softer and slower than I anticipated it being.  But, that being said it was a really good album. The sound for this album in general was a really chill pop/alternative sound that was very reminiscent of All Time Low. Overall it was a style of music that I liked, but not something that I would actively search out to listen to. This would be an album that I might listen to while studying or if I wanted some background music to not really pay attention to. I’m not saying this as a bad thing, I’m just being honest.

The songs that really stood out to me on this album are: “We Fight”, “Catch You”, and “Heart Beat Here”.

The one complaint I have about the album is “Open My Eyes”. The song itself was pretty ok, but I just couldn’t get over how he pronounced the word ‘eyes’. It was just too whiny sounding to me and just overall not the correct way to pronounce a vowel.

Overall I think that it is a pretty good album, but I don’t think that it will do very well commercially. It has a solid sound, but there’s not really a radio hit anywhere on the album. But, i do think that it is worth a listen.


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Hey everyone!

This blog is going to be a place where I review different albums in the current music scene. There will be three posts a week that will highlight different areas. The first post of the week will be on Mondays and will be a review of an album from around the world, or a virtually unknown artist. Basically Mondays are dedicated to someone outside of the U.S. mainstream music scene. Then on Thursdays will be the day that I review albums that are part of the U.S. mainstream music scene. This will most likely be a review of albums at the top of the Billboard 200 chart, or other U.S. albums that I am excited about. The last post of the week will be a general recap of albums that I listened to that week. I usually listen to about 20 albums a week so this will a place where I will put just general thoughts about those albums for anyone who is curious 🙂

In general I will give the albums a rating on a scale of A+ to D. I stop at D because I don’t think any album really deserves an F rating because a lot of work does go into them regardless of whether or not I enjoyed it so it at least deserves a D.

This blog is really meant for people who are looking to expand their taste in music and check out something the wouldn’t normally find.