When employers are choosing candidates that are qualified for their open positions they start by looking at job experience. The best way to make yourself qualified is by having a Human Resources Internship or job. By doing this, you are showing the employer that you know more than just the basic materials taught in the core HR classes.


  • Employers want to see that you have taken opportunities outside of school to learn about your career
  • The experience you have is what sets you apart from the many other people applying for the same job
  • By learning in an internship, you will have an understanding of the job before you even start which will make a smooth transition from college to post graduation

Finding the right internship or job

  • Look at various HR internships to get the feel for what is being offered (even if you don’t intend to apply)
    • LinkedIn, Handshake,,, and are great places to start
  • Take elective courses to find your interests
  • Start looking for internships as early as sophomore year if possible, by doing an internship you will find your likes and dislikes
  • Talk to your advisers

Setting Yourself Apart From Other Applicants

  • Have an internship or two (even if it is unpaid the experience is valuable)
  • Join SHRM and other business organizations and take advantage of the conferences and resources they have to offer
    • Take advantage of leadership roles whenever you can
  • Volunteer and job shadow in the path you want to pursue
  • Network
  • Establish a personal brand, know what makes you different and valuable to a company and be able to pitch that to employers
    • A good ePortfolio will help establish your personal brand

Tips for Getting Hired before graduation

  • Start looking early!
  • Network with alumni, students, employers, and professionals in the field
  • Make accounts on Handshake and LinkedIn and use them often
  • Talk to your advisers, career advisers, and internship coordinators on campus
    • Advisers: posted on the right hand side of WINS
    • Career Advisers: Frank Lanko and Rachel Malak
    • Internship Coordinator: Jim Schnaedter