Careers In Human Resources

Types of Careers in Human Resource Management

Recruiters determine staffing needs, source potential candidates, and interview potential candidates through a multi-step process.  They screen out bad fits until the position is filled. Recruiters also update job descriptions with relevant KSAO’s.

Average starting salary is around 40,000

Human Resource Generalists are a jack of all trades. They are knowledgeable about multiple aspects of human resources like staffing, training and development, benefits, compensation, labor management and organization behavior.

Average starting salary is around 50,000

Training and Development Managers identify training needs. They do this by performing a cost benefit analysis on the value of different programs. If the value exceeds the cost, they implement a solution with some form of training or educational class to solve it. They are also responsible for the development of human capital to increase productivity.

Average starting salary is around 62,000

Labor Relations Specialists work with companies on labor contracts, the bargaining process, and the kind of language included in contracts.  They work to represent employees in disagreements with management.

Average salary is around 45,000

Benefits Specialists work on company benefits. This may include health insruance,  retirement plans and educational assistance.

Average salary is around 49,000

Job Analysis Specialists determine the most important knowledge, skills and abilities needed to be successful in a job. They’re also responsible for writing job descriptions for open positions. They also perform market analysis to determine proper salary structures to remain competitive.

Salaries for Job Analysis Specialist range from 44,000 starting out to 71,000 with experience

Human Resources Managers are responsible for managing the HR team. Generalists, Human Resources Assistants and Recruiters all work under the manager. They are responsible for helping to create and implement company policies. Another important aspect of their position is to work with other managers from different departments to gain a better understanding of the whole company.

Starting salary is around 60,000 the average salary is around 76,000

Human Resource Assistants are typically the entry points to the HR field, along with recruiters. Duties include handling general day to day questions from employees, administrative work, scheduling meetings and events and administering orientations.

The average salary is around 40,000

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