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November: National Healthy Skin Month

Do you ever think about the health of your skin? There are many factors that come into play and as the holiday season starts, stress can play a role in your skin health. Fun facts: Your skin is constantly shedding… Continue Reading →

Intro to Be Body Positive

About two years ago our campus Dietitian, Rachael Omdoll, became a facilitator through The Body Positive in hopes to help enhance the campus experience and spread positivity. This program, which we call Be Body Positive here are UWW, aims at… Continue Reading →

Sustainable Eating

During these times of chaos we are living in, our waste is increasing and paper products are being used more than ever. The planet is sadly taking a hit and this is the perfect time to focus on sustainability. One… Continue Reading →

September: National Honey Month

Delicious honey can add the perfect sweetness to satisfy your sweet tooth while offering some health benefits too! The antioxidants contained in honey help lower blood pressure, which aids in reducing your risk of heart attacks, some types of cancer,… Continue Reading →

Mind Your Health & Stress Less

STRESS-BUSTING TIPS Stress is a natural part of life – we all experience it and some of us struggle with it every day. While acute stress is inevitable, it is important to keep day-to-day stress managed so it does not… Continue Reading →

Made-Your-Way Smoothie

This smoothie formula allows you to mix and match your favorite (or on-hand) ingredients and delivers on key nutrients while keeping calories in check. Ingredients 1 cup Greens: baby spinach, kale, chard ½ each Banana: frozen, sliced ½–1 cup Fruit… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Vision Board

It is important to have fun with making a vision board and to be as specific as possible. Also, watching ‘The Secret’ on Netflix can help you get inspired.  The documentary will explain much more about how you can visualize… Continue Reading →

May: National Physical Fitness & Sports Month: Move More!

The evidence is clear: regular physical activity is good for everyone’s health, and people of all ages and body types can be physically active. Choose activities you enjoy and do them often! BENEFITS OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Prevents chronic diseases, such… Continue Reading →

Stop Food Waste at Home

Food waste is a growing problem in the United States. Up to 40% of food is wasted, yet one in eight Americans struggles with having enough food on the table. By reducing food waste, you can save money, positively impact… Continue Reading →

National Frozen Food Month

When juggling a hectic schedule that may consist of school, work, and a social life, many of us struggle in finding ways to create healthful meals that are easy to prepare. When on a budget, finding those foods can be… Continue Reading →

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