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Why Halloween is the Worst

Check out Adrian’s first vlog!

Diversity Forum: Moving from Inclusion to Engagement

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater will be hosting the Moving from Inclusion to Engagement: Campus Diversity Forum on November 1 and 2. Below is the program schedule and a description of each event. Program Schedule Tuesday, November 1st 9:00 – 10:30 a.m.               Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and Why UW-W Needs It! UC – Hamilton Rm. Why can some […]

Whitewater Legends

As all the students and townspeople know, Halloween is a special time of year to be in Whitewater. Nicknamed “The Second Salem” Whitewater has a prominent and mysterious history with the paranormal. It all began with the construction of the Morris Pratt Institute of Spiritualism in Whitewater in 1889. Spiritualism focused on the idea that […]

Solutions To The New iPhone Jack

The release of the iPhone 7 had Apple fans and cell phone geeks everywhere excited to get their hands on this glorious piece of technology. However, Apple’s controversial decision to forgo the headphone jack left many users wondering how they were going to deal with the lack of a feature that had become so familiar […]

Fall Cooking: Dorm Edition

If you’re like me, freshman year can be a bit overwhelming. Going from being confined to a high school classroom, to being completely independent is a lot to adjust to, you may start to feel homesick. Not because you miss living with your parents, but because you miss having nice home cooked meals. Ramen and […]

Waiting In Line For The New iPhone

It’s certainly no secret that I’m a fan of Apple products. The MacBook Pro sitting on my desk at home, the iPad Pro that I’m typing this on, the iPhone that’s always within an arm’s reach, and the Apple Watch strapped to my wrist paint a clear picture of how easily I’m sucked in to […]

How To Minimize Door Dings

Very few things are more irritating than a fresh door ding on your car when you get back from work, class or your friend’s place. These dents can happen just about anywhere on your vehicle and the vast majority of them aren’t your fault. Below is a list of parking tips for you to consider […]

A Festive Fall

Fall is undeniably one of the best times of the year. Football season, apple picking, chunky sweaters, colorful leaves, Halloween, and of course everything pumpkin flavored. The list goes on… Here is a list of fun activities around Whitewater that can help you make the most of this autumn season. Apple Picking Looking for the […]

Behind the Mask

There is a lot more that goes into being Willie the Warhawk that not many people understand. From the preparation, to the cool-down, it all takes time, effort, stamina, as well as energy and enthusiasm. I started out mascoting my freshman year of high school. I really didn’t know what I was doing at first […]

Now UC Us – Jennifer Clauer

Name: Jennifer Clauer Position in the UC: University Center Custodial Lead What does an average day look like working in the UC? What are your day to day responsibilities? I really don’t have an average day at the UC, it is always changing. My day to day responsibilities are to make sure everyone is on task and […]

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