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Pinterest Panic!

Ahh yes, the glorious time-waster we call Pinterest.  Some may even consider it an addiction.  It’s a great tool for organizing and saving great ideas so that you can come back to them later and carry them out.  Except, let’s be honest, we rarely ever go back and actually do what we pinned. I took […]

What to do About WotA?!

By Ian Grisham World of the Arts is a class that many students have to take for their General Education requirement. As many people know, once they are in the class, they need to attend some events in the Center of the Arts building. There is a fee that goes along with this too that […]

Getting U Connected: October 6, 2014

#intheUC What are you up to in the UC this semester? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #intheUC. There are prizes to be won! You can also give us your comments at the UC survey at http://uwwhitewater.co1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_0TaRzPEDt2ZbTmd       “Oaxaca Reflections” in Roberta’s Art Gallery From September 22-October 10, 2014, Roberta’s Art […]

I’m a My Meals Believer

By Laura Schoenike • @lauras2011 I’ll admit it. I was a doubter, a non-believer in meal plans. In fact, I was pretty convinced that they were just some ploy designed to make college cost more than it already does. So then how, exactly, am I a senior and using a meal plan? Two words for […]

Meal Plan Mania

By Andy Greene The school year is underway and students are finally starting to settle into their meal plans, but there are still many students with questions on the different choices and what’s available with those options. The first thing to know is that there are three different kinds of meal plan options available to […]

Getting U Connected: September 8, 2014

Welcome back, Warhawks! We are very excited to have you on campus.  Every Monday we will be posting exciting events and updates for you.  Here is what is going on this week! HawkCard Online Office Ever needed to visit the HawkCard Office when they weren’t open? Not to worry, now they can be open 24/7 […]

Five Things I Forgot to Bring To College (Plus One Thing I Didn’t Need)

By Laura Schoenike • @lauras2011 Tissues: As much as we all try to deny it, at some point it’s going to happen: you’re going to get sick, and there’s nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of class with a runny nose and no tissues when you’re already not feeling 100%. First-Aid Kit: See […]

Words of Wisdom: Spring 2014

May is always a bittersweet time here in the University Center. We’re excited to celebrate the accomplishments of another successful semester, but we’re also sad to see many of our talented and dedicated student employees graduate or depart for internships/student teaching. Before they left, we asked each to share a few words of wisdom regarding […]

Anonymous Artistry: The Masked Talents of UC Graphics & Marketing

By Devon Bump There is nothing better than putting time and energy into creating something out of nothing: To be able to step back and enjoy what you made and have others enjoy what you created and be informed by it. But what if no one knows that you made it? Such is the life […]

Getting U Connected: May 12, 2014

 Best of the Best in Roberta’s Art Gallery From May 2-16, Roberta’s Art Gallery will be hosting “Best of the Best”, an exhibit featuring the scholarship winners from the UW-Whitewater Department of Art and Design’s Annual Juried Art Show. There will be a “People’s Choice” Award to determine an art piece that will be permanently […]

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