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Day in the Life

So, you’ve heard that the University Center is hiring but you aren’t sure about applying because you’ve got a million things on your plate.  Adding a job is just out of the question.  Or is it?… Take it from me, you can do it!  The UC is a wonderful place to work with many amazing […]

Help! I’m Almost Out Of Purple Points!

So…its halfway through the semester and you start to sweat; not because of midterms, the roomie drama, or even the fact that the end of the semester is drawing near and you are sooo not ready.  No, you’re sweating because your Purple Point balance is dipping to dangerously low levels and, as a college student, […]

Working In The UC: More Than Just A Job

By now you may have heard that the UC is hiring! When considering application,  it is important to know that working for the University Center is not just your typical job. There are endless opportunities and ways to get involved to make your experience even more beneficial. Here’s our top four:   1. First off, […]

The Dos and Don’ts of March Madness

With March Madness upon us, it is only natural to be giving thought to how one will choose their bracket this year. Everyone has their own way and reasoning for how they fill out their bracket and why they move certain teams on and not others. Plus there are those people who have been following […]

5 Tips for Dining Etiquette

Double chocolate cheesecake covered with chocolate drizzle taunting you for over an hour while you attempt to learn everything there is to know about dining etiquette. What a task. This past Monday, I had the chance to attend the Career & Leadership Development Etiquette Dinner in collaboration with UW-Whitewater Dining Services. The program facilitators included Jason […]

Getting U Connected: March 2, 2015

Global Reflections: Cultural Clues and Inner Changes From February 23-March 18, 2015 Roberta’s Art Gallery will be hosting an exhibit entitled Global Reflections: Cultural Clues and Inner Changes in conjunction with the Center for Global Education. Featured items on display will include photos from the Second Annual International Photo Contest. A reception with light refreshments will […]

While We Were LEAPing (Into Event Planning)

Planning an event is never an easy task. Especially one that you work on for months! On Tuesday February 24, 2015 the workshop I had been working on since last semester, along with the other LEAP interns, had (FINALLY) arrived! It was a moment I was excited for and honestly not nervous for because of […]

3 Easy Healthy Recipes for College Students

I know that it can be time consuming to cook, and that eating healthy is not the easiest to do, especially in college. But to eat healthier you can start simple. For example start by only eating fast food once a week, or switch out flavored coffee creamer for unflavored creamer. Something as simple as […]


“So….what’s this whole hashtag “intheuc” thing about?” Really, though. If I had counted how many times someone asked me that last semester…craziness! It’s a pretty valid question, though, isn’t it? What’s up with #intheUC? It’s not like the world needs another hashtag roaming around out there, right? For that story, we need to take a […]

Single on Valentine’s Day… SO WHAT?!

So, it’s Valentines Day… and you’re SINGLE!  Really, it’s no big deal though. You can probably just hang out with your roomies or something, right? Wait… they’re actually in a relationship with each other, and they planned on going ice skating and making a fancy dinner and all that gooey stuff.  Great. And all of […]

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