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Behind the Mask

There is a lot more that goes into being Willie the Warhawk that not many people understand. From the preparation, to the cool-down, it all takes time, effort, stamina, as well as energy and enthusiasm. I started out mascoting my freshman year of high school. I really didn’t know what I was doing at first […]

Now UC Us – Jennifer Clauer

Name: Jennifer Clauer Position in the UC: University Center Custodial Lead What does an average day look like working in the UC? What are your day to day responsibilities? I really don’t have an average day at the UC, it is always changing. My day to day responsibilities are to make sure everyone is on task and […]

Getting U Connected: September 19, 2016

HawkCard: Meal Plan Interested in changing your meal plan? Visit uww.edu/uc/hawkcard or stop by UC250 for more information.           Warhawk Alley  Warhawk Alley is hosting a free All Access Week! Free bowling, billiards, and more! All Access Week ends September 24.            Warhawk Alley Warhawk Alley is […]

Getting U Connected: September 12, 2016

  HawkCard: Meal Plan Interested in changing your meal plan? You can begin to make changes on Monday, September 12. Visit uww.edu/uc/hawkcard or stop by UC250 for more information.       Roberta’s Art Gallery Workshop In collaboration with the Involvement Fair, Roberta’s Art Gallery will be hosting a tie-dye workshop! The event will take […]

Getting U Connected: September 5, 2016

Getting U Connected: September 5, 2016 UC Movie Captain America will be playing in Summers Auditorium this weekend! Show times are Thursday at 10pm, Friday at 8pm, and Saturday at 3 & 6pm.  The price is $1 with a HawkCard ID and $3 without.           Comedian: Arvin Mitchell Come check out Arvin […]

Why You Should Attend T-Pain

This year’s Welcome Back Concert features T-Pain! Born in Tallahassee Florida, “Tennessee Pain” has had numerous hit songs the past few years.   In 2007 and 2008, he had 5 songs in the Billboard top 10. The list includes: Buy U A Drank, Bartender, I’m N Luv, Can’t Believe it, and I’m Sprung. He has also […]

20 Activities to Kickstart Your Freshman Year!

Want to celebrate the start of the new school year at the Dub?? Take a gander at these Warhawk Welcome events! Student Move-in is on September 4 and the fun is just beginning! Organizations from all around campus will be helping all incoming Warhawks move their items into their new home! After you’ve met your roommate […]

Must-have College Essentials for Incoming Freshmen

August is coming to an end, and you’re about to begin your freshman year as a Warhawk! You have your new bedding, futon, microwave, school supplies and everything else you need throughout the year all packed and ready to go…or so you think! From personal experience and student feedback, I have created a list of […]

Now UC Us – Kyle Forster

Tell us about yourself. My name is Kyle Forster. I’m currently heading in to my senior year here at UW-Whitewater but I’ll probably be here closer to five years since I recently changed my major from Information Technology to Communications with a PR emphasis. To be completely honest, UW-Whitewater was my second choice of school. […]

Soaking Up Summerfest

Looking for something fun to do this summer? If you have never been to Summerfest this should be the summer you start! Plus, the UC will have tickets at Summer on the Mall on June 22 so mark your calendars! Summerfest is one of the largest music festivals in the world. It is located right […]

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