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Getting U Connected: January 16, 2017

 Warhawk Alley Warhawk Alley has free bowling, billiards, & more from Jan. 15-21! Don’t miss out, everything is FREE!            Warhawk Alley Warhawk Alley has a Flash Pass Sale going on! Get a free t-shirt and movie passes with every pass purchased! The Billiards pass is $40 and the All-Access pass is […]

Spending the Holidays 1700 Miles From Home

I knew this holiday was definitely going to be different. The holidays have always been a family-centered event for me. It seems like it is almost a competition to see how many family members on both sides of the family you can meet in a short period of time. This year was different for me. […]

Falalala Love It!

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Getting U Connected: December 5, 2016

Getting U Connected: December 5, 2016 Warhawk Alley Are you team Marvel or team DC?  Show off your knowledge at Warhawk Alley’s Trivia Night December 5!  Rules and registration are located in Warhawk Alley.           Warhawk Alley Warhawk Alley is hosting the Scotch Doubles Bowling Tournament December 6 at 6pm.  Rules […]

How to Stay Thankful All Year Round

‘Tis the season of thanking. Thanking your parents for all that they do for you. Thanking your friends for keeping you on your toes throughout the semester. Thanking your professors for being lenient during the holidays. Being thankful feels great, doesn’t it? But holidays shouldn’t be the only time you are feeling thankful. Here are […]

Don’t Forget About Thanksgiving!

Once Halloween is over, it becomes more and more customary to start listening to your favorite Pandora Christmas station and start hanging up the decorations. We go from “Trick-or-treat” to “Happy Holidays” overnight. But what about Thanksgiving?! This post is about why you shouldn’t overlook Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is one of the most underrated holidays. This […]

How to Craft the Perfect Class Schedule

Registering for classes is already upon us, and as if looking forward to the upcoming weeks of papers and exams isn’t hard enough, now we have to worry about next semester’s classes. Whether or not this semester was your easy, hard, or is-college-really-my-thing-anymore classes, here are some tips to help you craft the perfect class […]

Pumpkin Spice vs. Apple Cinnamon

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Why You Should Be Using Lynda.com

Free to UW-W students with your UWW NET-ID & password How to log-in: https://www.lynda.com Click on “Sign In” on the upper right corner of the website Next, click on “Sign in with your organization portal” and then type in “uww.edu” and hit “continue” Then, log in through UWW’s portal with your NET-ID and password, like […]

How to Work in the UC

Why/How to Work at the UC! Being a college student is honestly not easy. You have to worry about going to class, talking to your professors, finishing assignments, participating in all of your student orgs, having an actual social life, and finding time to eat and sleep. Not to mention, it seems like you are […]

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