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Getting U Connected: April 17, 2017

  ATTENTION Graduating Seniors: Do not forget to pick up your commencement tickets between April 17-May 12 at Ticket Services in the Center of the Arts. Open hours are Monday-Friday between 9:30AM-5PM. Students get 7 tickets each and a photo ID is required.             Warhawk Alley This Tuesday, Warhawk Alley […]

Now UC Us – Allie Johnson

Tell us about yourself. My name is Allie Johnson, I am a senior with a double major in Graphic Design and Advertising. I chose Whitewater because I really liked the art department and the small town feel the campus had. I am so glad that I chose this school, I will be sad to leave […]

Then & Now: College Freshman Edition

So we have all had our expectations of what college was “supposed” to be. Growing up watching movies has given us the image of what college is supposed to be like. Countless parties, darties, drinks, fun with friends, and more. You have waited your whole life to live up to the expectation of American Pie, […]

Getting U Connected: April 10, 2017

    Warhawk Alley Join us Wednesday for the Bunny Bowling Tournament at Warhawk Alley.  This event starts at 6PM and prizes will be awarded for winners! For rules and registration go to Warhawk Alley.           Entertainment A Dog’s Purpose will be playing this week in Summers Auditorium. Show times are Wednesday […]

Getting U Connected: April 3, 2017

  Warhawk Alley  Do you know everything about Katniss Everdeen? Join us this Monday for the Hunger Games Trivia Night in the UC Down Under at 7PM.  Entry fee is $2 per person and prizes will be awarded to winners! Sign up in Warhawk Alley and “may the odds be ever in your favor!”     […]

Getting U Connected: March 27, 2016

Entertainment Don’t miss the Harry Potter-a-thon this week in the UC! All 8 movies will be played between Wednesday and Saturday!  Show times are at 6 and 9PM and doors will open at 5PM. Wednesday: The Sorcerer’s Stone & The Chamber of Secrets Thursday: The Prisoner of Azkaban & The Goblet of Fire Friday:The Order […]

Getting U Connected: March 13, 2017

    Warhawk Alley This Tuesday, Warhawk Alley is hosting a NBA 2K17 Tournament at 6PM.  Entry fee is $4 or $6 the day of.  Prizes will be awarded to winners! Rules and registration can be found at the alley.         Entertainment Sing will be playing this week in Summers Auditorium. Show times are […]

Getting U Connected: March 6, 2017

    Warhawk Alley Don’t miss the Star Wars Trivia Night this Monday at 7PM in the Down Under.  Entry fee is $2 per person and prizes will be awarded for the winners!           Warhawk Alley Sign up for the Blacklight Bowling Tournament this Tuesday at 6PM. Rules and registration can […]

Getting U Connected: February 27, 2017

  Roberta’s Art Gallery This Tuesday, Roberta’s Art Gallery and University Health and Counseling Services are teaming up for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Come to this free workshop to make your own EM-BRACELET and demonstrate how you are EMBRACE-ing your body! We will have the supplies to create a variety of different bracelet styles from […]

Travel Abroad Must Haves

When leaving the country it can be really difficult deciding what is important to bring, especially if it is your first time.  Here is a list (in no particular order) of travel abroad must haves that I believe are vital while traveling to another country. Headphones – These are nice to have especially on the plane and waiting […]

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