Eat Right, Bite by Bite

Every person is different, and though a specific diet lifestyle may work for one person, it may not work for someone else. National Nutrition Month (NNM) 2020 theme’s rhyme and simple food treatment appeals to all. “Bite by Bite” supports the philosophy that every little bit (or bite!) of nutrition is a step in the right direction. Small goals/changes can have a cumulative healthful effect. Nutrition doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Let this NNM campaign encourage you to set small nutrition and health related goals and changes for yourself. Every little goal you achieve can make a big difference and will benefit your overall health.

Below are examples of healthy goals you may consider adding into your daily routine. Remember changes take time, so take them step by step, bite by bite.

  1. Make half your plate fruits and vegetables. These food groups add flavor, color, and plenty of essential nutrients to your plate. Fresh, frozen and canned are all good choices.
  2. Choose foods in their natural, whole state most often. Foods in their most natural state are rich with nutrients that support and maintain health.
  3. Watch portion sizes. Get out your measuring cups and see how close your portions are to the recommended serving size.
  4. Be active. Regular physical activity has many health benefits. Start by finding an exercise that is best for you.
  5. Get to know food labels. Reading and understanding the nutrition facts label can help you shop and eat or drink smarter.
  6. Drink more water. Quench your thirst with water instead of high-sugary beverages with unwanted calories.
  7. Get cooking. This does not need to be complex; preparing healthy meals can be simple and take less than 30 minutes.
  8. Explore new foods and flavors. Next time you go grocery shopping, make a point to select a new fruit, vegetable, spice or whole grain.
  9. Slow down at meal times. The brain’s fullness signal occurs about 20 minutes after food is consumed.
  10. Consult a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN). RDNs can help you by providing sound, easy-to-follow personalized nutrition advice.

Did you know that there is an on-campus dietitian, free for all students and campus members! Reach out to Rachael Omdoll, UW-W’s Registered Dietitian, at or 262.472.1354. You can also Fill out this form online:

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