It’s not often that people can say they love the job they worked in college. I, however, have the great privilege of being able to say I really do love my job from the minute I walk in right up until I leave a few hours later. I work at Warhawk Alley as a Pin Chaser which means that I perform routine maintenance on the bowling lanes and machines. On a daily basis, I oil the lanes, work on weekly tasks, and make sure that any problems that might occur during practices, classes or busy times of day is taken care of. Sometimes these problems require me to get my hands a little dirty when I’m fixing an issue in the lane, but I love it. Fixing the lanes is kind of like a puzzle. Sometimes it’s really easy to find the problem, other times it might take a little longer to find and fix the bigger problems. I enjoy solving problems and this job seems like it’s made specifically for that.

I also get to help plan various events that happen at Warhawk Alley. In my time there, I have run Trivia night and helped plan various tournaments and other types of events that Warhawk Alley hosts for the students at Whitewater. These event planning meetings are great for students who want to gain experience in marketing or event management. We talk about various things like the logistics of the event as well as other matters that go into the planning of the various events. When you’re a pin chaser, you aren’t just a pin chaser. You get to help work of various projects that go on in the alley and the UC. Helping prepare various events in the UC for students is probably one of my favorite parts about working at Warhawk Alley.

On top of enjoying the work I get to do, I also work with some fantastic people. When I go to work, I always work with some great friends. That makes going to work that much better because I know work is never going to be boring with them. It’s not just the staff at Warhawk Alley either, we get to collaborate with plenty of other departments in the UC. On top of that, the UC also holds plenty of professional development workshops that allow students to help build their resume. These include resume workshops, an international dinner that helps students learn various etiquette techniques.  They don’t just hold professional development workshops, they also hold personal development workshops as well. These include workshops that help people overcome unconscious biases and other things that help you grow as a person.

Working at Warhawk Alley has been an amazing experience that I will never forget. I have gained valuable experience in customer service and I have learned so many things about people in general while working here that I will use for years to come in both my personal and professional life. On top of that, I have made lifelong friends that I will stay in touch with for a long time to come. If this seems like the type of job you would be interested in, I have great news! Warhawk Alley is hiring for the Fall 2019 Semester! Make sure to apply at