Thanksgiving can be a fun holiday for most, no matter how you celebrate it, but for others it can be the quiet before the storm that is called… BLACK FRIDAY. For those of you who may not know what this day is, it is a day in which stores either open very early or open Thursday night, offerings of incredible deals that only happen once a year, and crowds accumulate outside these stores to gain competitive positioning to get to those deals. To help you survive this interesting day of shopping, I have come up with some strategies so that you can get the most out of the deals and the atmosphere. A preview of them would be: go in numbers, map out where you want to go, and keep a strategic position in line for the stores you most want to visit.

Having the numbers in your group can be a crucial part in having a successful night out when it comes to Black Friday shopping. There are some key players you may want to consider when forming your team to take on the crowds of deal seekers. The first one to think of is someone classified as Runner, this is the person who can make it through the crowds fast after the doors open and get to where the big deal items are, so they can claim one. The next person to have on the team can be classified as the Rhino or Bulldozer, and it is this person’s job to help push through the crowds to ensure that you are able to reach that destination and claim that on sale item before they are all gone. The rest of the group that you decide to bring along do not have specific classifications, but they still play a crucial role in this shopping frenzy. The more hands you can bring, the better because those extra hands can hang on to more items and ultimately be as successful as possible.

The next big factor to consider is having a plan of attack or to map out your path so you can get everything you can from those large lists of sales in the shopping spree. The way in which to do this is, after you have assembled the team for pre-operation discussions, find out what everyone wants to get during this event and find out where those items will be the cheapest on Black Friday. Create a path of least resistance when mapping it out, so look for those retail giants that create a path easy to travel on so that it will be an easy in and out to the next location. Bring all the print ads that you can find and look up the rest to ensure that every store is accounted for when trying to make the ultimate decision on which ones you and your comrades shall conquer as you move along. This is a fun time to be out with your team and having a map of where everyone wants to go can make it a lot more fun, so you can get back to the fortress to regale in stories of conquest and enjoy the splendors of your victories.

And the last tactic to utilize on this day of shopping craziness is selecting some volunteers to brave the cold of a Wisconsin evening to stand in line and have the best position to beat the crowds through the doors. The best way to use this tactic is to select those items on the collective list that are will not be too highly sought after by the enemy, because you will need those key players to beat through the hoards to claim what you have all had eyes for. Those select few who are willing to endure the cold and boredom so that the others can fulfill the mission should be proud because they are ensuring that the list is being completed to its fullest.

Everything that I have talked about should help you land most of things that you have your heart set on this Black Friday season. But do not forget to spend time with your family during this time, because it is the most important thing. And besides, you will need all the food and energy that you can muster so that you are able to beat the crowds, help your team be the best it can be, and get all the best deals that night. I wish you all the luck.