Halloween is only two weeks away, and I find it best to prepare with a marathon of the best Halloween movies. This list will include a nice mixture of nostalgia, comedy, and terror; with each night increasing anticipation.

1. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

We’re starting the countdown with an old classic, and it’s sure to make you get in the right mood for Halloween! We join The Peanuts in their Halloween festivities while Linus waits for the Great Pumpkin



2. Halloweentown

The next movie selection is one of my personal favorites, and is a great choice for getting into the Halloween spirit without needing to keep the lights on. The Halloweentown movies (can you really watch one without watching the rest?) follow young Marnie through her discovery of being a witch and keeping magical Halloweentown from evil.



3. Casper

Another great light-hearted film for Halloween is Casper, otherwise known as the friendly ghost. This movie is great for some laughs and feel-good moments about friendship. Follow Casper as he works to find a new friend without his uncles scaring the “fleshies” away.



4. The Haunted Mansion

It’s the movie that gave you chills as a child, The Haunted Mansion is the first movie in this countdown that could leave you feeling spooky. Eddie Murphy brings his comedic personality in a film about how two realtors unravel the mysterious Gracey Manor.



5. Hocus Pocus

It’s time for everyone’s favorite Halloween classic, Hocus Pocus! Max mistakenly helps brings the Sanderson sisters back to life and has to prevent their immortal life. It’s a race against the sun, as the witches have until sunrise to achieve immortality and prevent the town of Salem from falling under their wrath.



6. The Addams Family

“The Addams Famil-ly!” *Snap* *Snap* We all have the tune memorized, but have you truly experienced the craziness of the Addams Family? Combining a great mix of an eccentric family and a couple of con artists, this movie will keep you guessing.



7. The Nightmare before Christmas

The Nightmare before Christmas is another classic that is great for getting in the Halloween spirit. The Pumpkin king, Jack Skellington, has succeeded in another great Halloween, but decides he wants more so he takes over Christmas. The movie shows Jack’s attempts at a magical and happy Christmas, and we have to watch to see whether he is successful, or not. You can watch this movie for either holiday, but it always seems to get the Halloween spirit with the first chord of “This is Halloween”.


8. Beetlejuice

In a small town in New England, Barbara and Adam Maitland have an unfortunate death and have to face a new family moving into their home. When their attempts to scare the family fail, the couple turn to the expert of scaring the living, Beetlejuice. Unfortunately, Barbara and Adam get more than they bargained for and now it is up to them to figure out if they truly want the family out. Beetlejuice is not necessarily scary, but instead offers some comedic relief and offers a very unique plot.


9. Scream

Our second-to-last Halloween classic will leave you sleeping with the lights on and possibly screaming. Scream is about a town who has a killer on the loose. Sidney Prescott tries to find the murderer and stop him before he is able to continue. Lies are revealed, and the truth comes out in the fast paced string of events. Get ready for Halloween from the anticipation you’ll no doubt feel as you watch on the edge of your seat.


10. Halloween

The final movie in our countdown takes us to little ole’ Haddonfield, Illinois. October 31, 1963 was the day that 17-year old Judith Myers was brutally stabbed by her brother, Michael. We quickly are brought to present day and witness Michael’s escape and face the terrifying reality that he just may go back and repeat history. Halloween is not for the light-hearted, and is sure to get your heart racing.


There are definitely other movies that you can watch at Halloween time to get in the perfect Halloween mood, but these 10 provide a good mix and build up the anticipation level. Enjoy your Halloween this year!