It is that time of year again when everyone jumps for joy because March is here, and that can only mean Shamrock Shakes are back in all of its green minty glory. The time of the year where UW-Whitewater students go to McDonalds for something other than a drunken snack, a cheap dinner date, or something a little more elegant than even the McChicken. This is the special occasion when college students save all of those nickels and dimes from their left over tuition payment and splurge it all on the Shamrock Shake.

Shamrock and I have been on and off for a few years now, every time I sense that we are growing closer she just seems to vanish after March. Shamrock doesn’t call, write, or even FaceTime me! I have to find out that she is back in town by a billboard or a stupid commercial, but every year I seem to have the same problem. I say that I am not going to play her game. I know that she wants to see me but if I go to her I risk getting hurt again.

I see her all over campus, in other people’s arms just tempting me and making me jealous. Every year is the same, I cave and let her right back in. How could I resist, she is so sweet and definitely not healthy for me but what good thing ever is?

For the next couple of weeks, I try to see her every day. We have lunch and dinner dates and sometimes I see her for a quickie between classes. Its surely not an exclusive relationship because I constantly see her with my friends, professors, even my own mother, but we make it work! I just know that I care so much about her that this year I am not going to let her go. I bought a beautiful red cherry stem ring with a plump red maraschino cherry on top. The last week in march before she gets the chance to leave me for the fifth straight year I am going to propose to her with that very ring!

Only one person knows what is going to happen a higher power that has control over me and her…Damn McDonalds!


VasenkaPhotography created this photo

VasenkaPhotography created this photo