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What to Do over Winter Break

After a semester’s worth of sleepless nights, endless amounts of studying, and papers where the citations seem to take an eternity to finish, there’s no doubt that you deserve a chance to catch up on sleep and relax. However, there always comes a time during break where you get eager to get back to school and boredom starts to sink in. Combat the boredom, and add these activities to your winter break bucket list:

  • Build a snowman
    • I know this may sound childish, but once you get out there you are going to remember how much fun it is! Plus, who doesn’t want to brag about their new 5-foot best friend on Instagram?
  • Write down your goals for the spring semester
    • The first few weeks of spring semester are terrible. You’ll start to miss being at home, sleeping in, and not having responsibilities. Also, it gets harder to walk to class in the cold, but starting the semester well is always important.
  • See who has the best Christmas lights in town
    • One of my family’s winter break tradition is to drive around my hometown and see who has the best Christmas lights. Unfortunately, my family has never gotten close to winning the award.  Don’t forget to look up Christmas light displays in your area. Many times Gardens and other venues will create a beautiful display for the public.
  • Read a good book
    • Yes, I get it, you’ve been reading all semester (or not reading) and it is the last thing you want to do over winter break. But to keep your mind sharp and not have it turn into mush over break, curl up by a fire and read!
  • Learn to Ice Skate
    • A fun and entertaining activity to get out of the house. Embrace the winter months rather than staying inside!
  • Harry Potter Marathon
    • Believe it or not, there are people who have never seen Harry Potter. Get together with your friends and see how fast you can watch the Harry Potter series.  My record is one week!
  • Go sledding
    • Is there anything more exhilarating then flying down a hill on a piece of plastic?  No!  You are never too old to go sledding.  Are you an adrenaline seeker?  Build a jump made out of snow or pour a bunch of water on your sledding hill the night before. Let it freeze overnight and fly down it the next morning.
  • Binge Watch Netflix
    • This is one of the few times a year it is socially acceptable to watch Netflix all day. Not sure what to watch?  I’ve enjoyed watching The Office, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Friday Night Lights, House of Cards, Stranger Things, Narcos, Prison Break, The League, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Breaking Bad (I know, I’m addicted to Netflix).
  • Find new music
    • I know it’s hard to move on from your favorite playlist, but it’s time. Hop on Spotify and listen to their playlists to find inspiration.  A new playlist will help you relax during the rough weeks of the spring semester.
  • Work out
    • This may be the hardest task of all. But there’s no better feeling then working out, stuffing your face with food, and then passing out for an afternoon nap. Start off the year strong with New Year’s Resolutions!
  • Bake cookies
    • Not into the whole healthy new year’s resolution thing? No problem. Scroll through Pinterest and I guarantee you’ll find a new and tasty Christmas cookie recipe. There are so many yummy ones out there!
  • Go Shopping!
    • Spring semester doesn’t really feel like spring. January and February are going to be bitter cold and you don’t want to be caught walking to class without a warm winter jacket, hats, mittens, warm socks, good boots, 10 blankets, or a fire place (ok, maybe not the last couple) but make sure you have everything you need for the upcoming semester. Also, don’t forget to stock up on school supplies!

No matter what you decide to do over winter break, I’m sure you will have a blast doing it.  Make time for your family and friends and enjoy the holidays. From myself, and everyone else at the University Center, have a great and safe break, Warhawks!  You deserve it!

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