Why/How to Work at the UC!

Being a college student is honestly not easy. You have to worry about going to class, talking to your professors, finishing assignments, participating in all of your student orgs, having an actual social life, and finding time to eat and sleep. Not to mention, it seems like you are always financially unstable. Let me tell you why working at the UC is the best!

  • Diversity
    • The UC is central to all of UW-Whitewater so there is always a diverse number of students working at the University Center. We pride ourselves on being inclusive.
  • Understanding Supervisors
    • The UC has great supervisors! You create your schedule based on your availability. If you have a meeting with a professor or an event for an organization have to attend during some of your work hours they are very good about working around student needs. They also want to make sure that school comes first so if you are ever struggling with class they genuinely care.
  • Professional Skills
    • When working at the University Center you are always in direct communication with your supervisors. Because the UC is the central location for all things UW-Whitewater you will always run into top administration, professionals from around the state and even your professors.

I only touched on a few reasons why working at the UC is the best so it’s time for you to take the next steps towards UC employment. To apply for a position at the University Center:

  • Log in to Hawkjobs
  • Take a look at the position descriptions for all the available jobs and see which one you feel that you are most qualified for and you feel you would like to work at. You can select up to three top choices
  • You can then start the application but make sure to submit your resume. That’s very important.
  • Supervisors will receive your application once you turn it in and will hear a response as soon as all the applications have been reviewed.

Don’t be afraid to contact the University Center’s HR Team if you have any other questions. Good luck!