Wisconsin Vs California

When people move from where it is warm to where it is cold, people often ask “Bro, why did you come here? It’s so nice where you’re from. It sucks here!” Not going to lie, when I moved here for the first time, this was not my cup of tea. So I’m going to have a little battle between Wisconsin and California. Please don’t take any of this to heart. Not all of it is going to be serious and you might get a little kick out of it also.

  1. Weather: Wisconsin has the most versatile weather I have ever seen. One day it can be humid and then the next day can be very cold. Or, in some cases, one whole day can be filled with all five seasons. Literally, all five seasons! Winter is very beautiful and nice when you’re inside where it’s warm looking out of a window while you’re covered in five types of heavy blankets. When summer comes around, everything is green, the air is fresh, and bees start stinging people.  California has little versatility of weather because it is hot all year round. It barely rains there which explains the droughts. But on the bright side, you get the hot weather dead grassland which is great.
  2. The People: In both places, people have great personalities. Both are very outgoing and well oriented for the most part. When it comes to welcoming, California folks would welcome Wisconsin folk to their state and show them a good time. Wisconsin folk would do the same but tell the California folks to go back and never live there because of the wonderful things they have heard about the Golden Bear state. At the same time, some people from Wisconsin love to hunt. I can’t say the same for Californians.
  3. The Beach: In California, the beach is a very soothing place where a person gets a wonderful view of the Pacific Ocean, boardwalks, and buff dudes wearing speedos at Venice beach. It’s great here and the beaches are very large. In Wisconsin, the “beach” is a lakefront with a little bit of sand and grass with places that a person can go fishing and at the same time go swimming, boating, and have lots of fun. If you’re from California, you would think it’s a pond! If you’re from Wisconsin, you probably would think otherwise.
  4. Sports: California has a lot of teams to choose from when it comes to sports. Whether it’s basketball, football, baseball, etc., you can see that there is a lot of diversity when it comes to the fans. Also a lot of bandwagon fans too. In Wisconsin, the people eat, sleep, and breathe their sports teams. No matter where you go in Wisconsin, there are Packer and Badger fans everywhere.

In the end, both places have ups and downs but both are great places to be no matter what. Yes, California kind of looks like a dried pretzel stick in a lot of places. And yes, Wisconsin is outrageously cold in the winter. On the bright side, they both are great places to meet people, have fun, and learn new things.