Of course we needed a tree decorated in all purple!

Upon walking into the University Center, students are greeted with gleaming Christmas trees (17 trees to be exact), garland, and other holiday décor! Here at UW-Whitewater we pride ourselves in keeping tradition alive on campus. As being a student employee at the UC, one of our many traditions includes holiday decorating. The holiday season is a time that student employees come together from different departments across the building to contribute to dressing up the building for the UW-Whitewater campus. Next time you are in the UC, see how many of the 17 trees you can spot!

For me personally, the holidays can tend to be stressful and emotionally tolling with spring semester class registration, semester end, and FINALS. As student employees, we take pride in providing students with a cheerful atmosphere on campus by decorating the building with holiday spirit. Many students appreciate the festive atmosphere because they may not get this anywhere else on campus until they return home for break. I personally enjoyed working with other UC employees in the decorating process because it was a time for me to deviate away from my desk and enjoy time with fellow co-w0rkers. Needless to say, the excitement of holiday decorating extended to my apartment with the help of my roommates. If you are having a rough time getting along with your roommates at this time of the semester or just want to have a good time, try bonding over some holiday decorating or baking. Make a weekend out of it, I promise you’ll have a blast!


Megan Stevens, Financial Assistant, Haley Cox, Lead Graphic Artist, and Justin Vickery, Administrative Assistant gather for a photo by a tree in the Minnieska Lounge.

The UC makes an effort to be culturally cognizant of how other cultures celebrate the holiday season. The Roberta’s Art Gallery staff creates an exhibition of an array of holiday traditions in other countries. Typically, these collages are displayed in Old Main Lane in the UC. I find it great that here at the UC we keep the door open to suggestion for culturally inclusive décor as well.

As you finish out your semester, remember there are some people less fortunate than college students. During this holiday season, think of a way that you can give back to campus or the Whitewater community, or your community back home. Personally, I have a “mitten ornament” for a child in need from the head-start program in the Whitewater community. From this experience, I truly feel that helping someone in need during the holiday season is a rewarding feeling because it reminds me not to take things for granted, and to think about more than my family and friends. (Also, it’s fun to shop for someone!) And remember, the holiday season isn’t always about buying gifts, volunteering your time is impactful as well.


From the UC, thank you for a great semester. Happy Holidays and enjoy your winter break, you deserve it!