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Being a college graduate soon, one handy networking tool that I utilize for my professional use is LinkedIn.com.  The best way to describe how LinkedIn is beneficial to college students is with a quote from LinkedIn’s Learning Center page: “LinkedIn connects you to your trusted contacts and helps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals.”


Also, this video provided by LinkedIn gives a break down of what you can do with LinkedIn and how it can benefit you.




Pretty nice, huh? J


Here are some of the features that I find extremely beneficial for a college student:


  • You can simply upload your resume to your profile.
  • You can upload your email contacts right to your profile for easy connections.
  • There are over 120 million members on LinkedIn giving you a higher chance to create professional relationships.
  • There are thousands of job listings with an easy search interface.
  • You can search experts and ideas when faced with a business challenge.
  • You stay in touch with colleagues and friends.


How is LinkedIn different from other social networks?


  • It is a professional networking site.
  • You cannot post photos, blogs, or embedded videos.
  • You cannot change the layout, design, or color of your profile.
  • You cannot “poke” or write on friends “walls”


Check out this article on LinkedIn versus Facebook for more differences.


For more facts and features about LinkedIn feel free to visit LinkedIn’s Learning Center: http://learn.linkedin.com/what-is-linkedin/.


The best way to start exploring jobs is by creating an account for free.  When you set up your account it will then take you through a short tutorial on all the features and benefits LinkedIn has to offer.  It will also show you how to upload your contacts to your page so you can start linking right away: http://www.linkedin.com/.


Happy Networking Warhawks!


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