1994 – Ph.D. in Geography (Atmospheric Sciences Emphasis), Indiana University, Bloomington.

1989 – M.S. in Geography (Bioclimatology Emphasis), University of Georgia, Athens.

1987 – B.S. in Geography (Physical Geography Emphasis), University of Georgia, Athens.

Academic Employment

Presently: Associate Dean, College of Letters and Sciences, UW-Whitewater

2005-2006: Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Continuing Education, UW-Whitewater

2003-2005: Chair, Department of Geography, UW-Whitewater

1994-Present: Professor, Department of Geography and Geology, UW-Whitewater

Upcoming/Recent Research

Professional Geographer (in press)

GIScience & Remote Sensing (in press)

Gap Fills (2008) (pdf)

International Journal of Climate Paper (pdf) (2007)

Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry Paper (pdf) (2005)

Journal of Climate Paper (pdf) (2004)

Jet Contrails (pdf) (2002 Nature Paper)

Upcoming/Recent Presentations

April 16, 2011 “Association of American Geographers- Seattle, WA” abstract

April 18, 2010 “Association of American Geographers- Washington, DC” abstract

April 19, 2008 “Association of American Geographers – Boston, MA”, abstract (.pdf)

August 11-14, 2008 “Conference on Applied Climatology – Whistler, BC, Canada”


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