Approaches to prevention/mitigation
–  Recommendations made by trustworthy organizations pertaining to the drug
–  Relevant regulations and laws

It has been found for many years that doctors were prescribing depressants that had high doses and were short acting drugs. That means that person who is taking the drug has a higher chance of getting a physical dependence known as withdrawal symptoms.

According to the Prevention website, helping to prevent those who are dependent on depressants they definitely need to consulate their doctor. Not just talk to the doctor but also avoid taking any more medication other than the ones they’ve been ordered to take.  There are psychological, biological and social forces that are associated with the addiction. To approach the idea of prevention one must know that they can’t continue to use any medication that will help with their dependence. They must go through some type of withdrawal from the substance, so they can break away from it. If they do need some form of a depressant to get them through, the doctor will know what to prescribe them, so it isn’t something that won’t affect their withdrawal. Often times when going through a withdrawal from a substance, it is best known to not have any kind of substance because it may become a substitute. In the case for those who need specific medications, the doctors will know what to do.

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, they believe to help prevention with any type of illicit drug like depressants, inhalants, narcotics, etc; we should remove it from society’s presence. We can do that by reducing the demand on drugs. This is a harder prevention approach than the first but overtime it can possibly work and can help prevent the long list of substances.

There are of course many programs worldwide to help those who are having troubles with substance abuse, it only takes a phone call or a quick search on the web to get help. From church outreach programs to weekly meeting programs (like AA) there are many options to help those who having problems with substance abuse.

Of course it is against the law to misuse substances whether they are prescribed or not. It is relevant that drug use can result in jail time, for some after having several encounters with the law over drug use they can get serious time in jail. Though many drugs come prescribed by doctors, it is still against the law to resell the medications on the market and to misuse them.
 Your recommended action (be specific)

Dealing with any type of addiction is extremely hard. Depressants are known to help get you through tough times, anxiety, depression, all around bad things that life throws at you. I’m not going to say that recovering or preventing depressant usage is easy, compared to other drug usage because it’s not. Like any other addiction, you have an dependence and your eager to make sure that dependence keeps on going. Dealing with depression is no joke, I have had several friends and I included who have minor problems with depression in high school but we didn’t take any substances to get us through. Therapy was the key in that case and it can be in the key in any case dealing with depressants and drug usage. I do recommend that those who are using substances and are addicted that they consult therapy to see if they will have any help with their problem. In order to help yourself with a problem, you must acknowledge that there is a problem. There are processes to getting yourself together when a physical dependence is in the mix. I highly recommend that you do seek therapy as a part of the process; depressant drug use is no joke. Next I recommend you do seek some type of prevention or treatment program and after seeing a doctor, it is a great way to help yourself through your problem. I do know that depressants being prescribed are often sold and a lot has been done by the youth, we need to make sure they know the dangers and the risks. Depressants need to be a part of the list when schools do programs and showings about drugs, it can help down the road. I believe that coming back from an addiction of depressants is definitely possible, like any person who has an dependence you have to be willing to come out of that dependence

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Video on Depressants and the effects


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Effects of Depressants

Pharmacology and effects

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  -  Routes of administration

      Depressants can be administered in many ways. Depressants like alcohol can be administered orally. That goes for other depressants like pills, liquids or powders.  It also can be administered through the skin, through injections in the arm. It has been said that you can administer the drugs by the rectum.

 –  Drug’s effect in the synapse, physiological effects

  Depressants and Stimulants both are under the effect of the synapse and the physiological effect.  Depressants do stop the neuron from sending impulses to the nerves. It binds the receptors that allows for it send signals to the neurotransmitter.  With those effects it takes over the entire body.

Psychological effects

You can have psychological effects from depressants. Those effects can be sedation ( causes person to be relaxed and sometimes un-alert of what’s going on), impaired motor coordination/impaired judgment ( person is so impaired that they can’t drive and make the smartest decisions).  It can also lead to drug tolerance for people and it can cause a dependence that can go on for years.  That dependence can be lethal over time if it is not controlled.

 Causes for concern

 -Acute toxicity

       Intoxication that can lead to dependence, overdose, and causes of danger to self and others

  -Chronic toxicity

        Changes to the body and the mind that can be long term. After years of tolerance and dependence the mind and body is so use to the habits of the depressants that it can cause one to act and look a certain way

  -Dependence potential

       Depressants have a very high dependence potential. It can be long-term and can lead to long horrible road.

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  -Social issues

    It can cause you to act and say things that one wouldn’t say if they weren’t intoxicated or sedated with depressants.

 Current beneficial uses (if any)

Sedatives are used daily for medical purposes. Those medical purposes are to help for surgeries or helping with pain. It is still very beneficial to this day. This is one of the times that depressants are used in good way.

Overall health impact assessment based on the information in 3-6

Depressants are a very effective drug that can take over the body. It may take time but the results will be clear. Through all the information that is presented, you learn that the overall health impact is not entirely good. Like any other drug, Depressants can take a toll on the body and it can leave one with quite the dependence. It is definitely something that you don’t want  to become apart of.  The effects of depressants can turn out to be lethal if you let it.

Depressants and the source


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Sources for the drugs

Depressants can often be given by doctors who prescribe them. Some have found ways to sell the forms of the pills and such on the market. There are many forms of depressants; they are available in many forms such as, pills powders, or liquids. Opiates, barbiturates (sedatives),  benzodiazepines,  chloral hydrates, tranquilizers and many other drugs are known forms of depressants

History of the drugs

origin or suspected origin

The suspected origin is suppose to date back to 1832. It is called Chloral Hydrate and was used to for sedation and sleeping induced drugs. It had replaced opium, alcohol and many other depressants, this was a street drug that had become big and the effects were quite deadly. Deadly meaning many had died from poisoning from the substance.

Early use

Early use of depressants dates back to the 1800’s which was still very much unknown for many. Relatively the usage with barbiturates began in the 20th century and other depressants followed as well during this time. Then there is of course alcohol which dates back so many years.

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Drug use/misuse(NSDUH/DAWN,etc) in the U.S

Recent trends

Recently, it has been said the trend in depressants has steadily made its way up.  There has been quite often a lot of depressant abuse.  The target audience has been teens who have been abusing the drugs, getting prescribed depressants like Xanax, teens have made a way possible to  misuse depressants. Teens are the bigger audience but there are still a huge amounts of adults who are misuing and abusing depressants. Then there are of course adults, who misuse by getting prescription after prescription and becoming an addiction.

– current used based on latest survey results in the U.S.

Based on current survey results from last year 2013, prescription depressant drugs have been in high demand when it comes to teens. The results have showed that depressants like barbiturates (sedatives) have been one of the most commonly misused as well as Xanax. The results show that the trend of depressants has continued to have it ups over the years.  The ages of the teens ranges 12 years and older