A good Friend has something to say

Hello fellow guardians, we are going to be doing things a bit differently this entry, Names’ Antarah, Mirra is a good friend of mine, a fellow fireteam member and one of few warlocks I have respect for. I give her credit she understands how things work better than most, but I’m here to set things straight for the rest of you.

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Hunters are not the laughing stock of the Solar System! Warlocks and Titans make fun of us, calling all of us “silly” and “a blight on our fireteams.” What they see in Cayde-06 is what they believe all of us Hunters to act like. They don’t understand the true essence of a Hunter, some of us like to remain respectable. Perfectionists? Elitists? They’re wrong, If there’s one thing we seek it’s this: “Freedom”. Warlocks have their bonds, and Titans wear their little marks, but us Hunters express ourselves with pride. We show our capes to express who we are. We’re free to tell others that we’re the ones who go out in the wild on their behalf. We’re the ones who constantly put ourselves in to danger on many occasions. Titans hide behind walls, Warlocks bury themselves in books. But us? You’ll find us where the real action is. Out there in the wild.


The others don’t understand what it’s like to be a Hunter and feel this freedom. We’re able to come and go as we please, not bound by the confides of our ideas or our environment. The feeling of a gun radiating in your hand, the power that’s channeled through our arc staff, and drawing on the power of the infinite void. All those feelings are what it’s like to be a Hunter. We decide our own path, whether we want to be a scavenger, a drifter, or even if we seek to one day become a paladin to the people of The Last City.

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