The Eververse Company


Eververse Trading Company is a company that operates within the Last City. The company is represented primarily by Tess Everis, and sells unique cosmetic items acquired from across the Solar System by the famed Guardian Fenchurch Everis in exchange for Silver. I just want to take the time to briefly mention the Eververse company they are nothing new to veterans but to any new guardians coming into the fray I would like to explain as there is some controversy about them as a company. Their sails mostly consist of  cosmetic items such as ships, sparrows and special pain jobs but they do not take normal glimmer for currency they instead do business with a rare metal called silver. Now this caused some stet within the community when the company first came about as silver had not been mind since ages before the golden age, even before there where guardians. At first there was some of this silver in rotation in the form of rare ancient coins, the company admitted these coins are exactly what they are looking for but will also take silver in a more raw form. This cause some controversy because guardians would spend days on expeditions looking for any hit of the stuff  and it was drawing attention form more important matters. Over time silver became more valuable than glimmer and really can only be found in relics as no mins have been discovered yet, guardians where torn about this as some wondered what the company wanted with this rare mineral in which they replied with “we are simply trying to diversify the market and provide unique products in exchange for a unique price. The silver is no use to anyone but us and as we appreciate guardian’s efforts we don’t wish to put anyone to be put in danger in order to obtain the recourse. ” -EvereverseCO 

I am not sure about this personally but I also don’t have see anything wrong with it, the city put out a official consensus stating that ” guardians are free to pursue their personal endeavors in their free time however we would like to remind everyone that the top priority is protecting the last city and nothing should saw you from your duty as a guardian.” -Speaker  I agree that we shouldn’t let anything blur our vision on what our true purpose is here. I am not condemning the company, in fact I have participated in some transactions but I want to remind all guardians that as we have free will we should not louse sight of whats important.



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