Faction Rally


The time has come for the second official faction rally, last time Dead Orbit took the win but now we are back on fair ground. I personally have never been one to follow the ideas of factions because I believe there is more than one static explanation or a “right” way to go about division of influences in the city, but I have found myself backing New Monarchy ┬ámore often than not. I do not 100% agree with their ideals but after they signed a contracted with the Hakke company the weapons and gear they have up for grabs is top tear. I know, I know, backing a faction for their gear vs their ideas isn’t how it should work but thats the entire point to these rallies, recruitment. After years the factions realized they would have to step up their games, its not about ideas its about resources and support in numbers and by offering better gear to guardians and a “grand prize” weapon to the factions followers if that factions wins. It’s the oldest marketing ploy in the books and there is a reason its still around, because it works, so good luck guardians and may the best faction win.

gear posted below

Future War Cult’s weapons


The fusion rifle available if FWC wins


Dead Orbit’s weapons


The grenade launcher available if D.O. wins



New Monarchy’s weapons


The sword available if N.M wins



Choose wisely guardians, and may the best faction win.





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