The Vex

Where we see beauty, the Vex see imperfection. Every world, every being, must be made anew.“—Ikora Rey


The vex are defiantly quite the topic and despite the wells of information we have on them they are still a mystery to us.  They are to the naked eye machines who work as a hive mind in a sense, but they are so much more complex than metal and wires, they are transtemporal, cybernetic war-machines, referred to as an time-spanning thought-mesh, basically time/space traveling robots able to simulate every out come in existence. Though individual Vex units vary considerably, most Vex appear as humanoid robots with large, fan-shaped heads and a red or yellow photoreceptor at the center. Despite their tails and long, claw-like fingers, the Vex appear to be mass-produced units, constructed of an unknown metal alloy resembling hammered brass. Their robotic bodies still carry a hint of organic components, however, particularly in the form of their mind cores, which contain a milky radiolarian fluid (Vex milk if you will) seemingly central to Vex functionality. However, interestingly enough according to records from the Ishtar Collective, Vex are capable of generating simulations of real-world events with perfect fidelity and predictive ability—essentially running a parallel reality in their minds which is arguably indistinguishable from the “real” universe. This ability appears to be limited only to ordinary situations, as the Vex are apparently unable to simulate complex phenomena that is linked to a paracausal power, these include Guardians.


Vex “milk” falls on Nessus


The Pyramidion

The radiolarian fluid is actually the life of the vex themselves and is a type of organic matter, technically this makes makes them cyborgs. What is more interesting is that the radiolarians more often than not organize them selves into silica constructs, they then fuse together further to create glass structures such as the Vault of Glass on Venus and the Pyramidion on IO. This also further explaing why these structures cant be mapped, because they are ever changing. The vex are also responsible for creating mechanic worlds where the convert a large portion or the entire planet into a vex construct, seen on Mercury and Nessus. The Vault of Glass being the more notorious structures is where many guardians have met quite the mysterious end. When the Guardians Kabr, the Legionless, Pahanin, and Praedyth ventured into the Vault on Venus, they were thwarted by the Templar and its Gorgons. Pahanin managed to escape, but Kabr perished and Praedyth was trapped and lost in time. Praedyth was forgotten until the time of the Taken War, when the Taken began to blight the Vex network. After receiving a distress signal from Praedyth, The Guardian was sent to the Vault to investigate and was unexpectedly granted access by the Vex. Inside, the Guardian discovered a series of Dead Ghosts Praedyth had left behind.





The Vaut of Glass

The Vex’s origins are still unknown due to their place withing time and workings as a network, it is very difficult to record changes within them, we continue to record out findings and encounters with them, but one Guardian over all discovered all their is to know about the vex and their secrets, but at the cost of everything.  Osiris the most notorious Guardian in vanguard history was exiled for his desire to learn not only the true origin of guardians but also the nature of the vex, conducting experiments deemed unethical. However his findings cant be over looked, such as accounts of armor made form vex parts recorded to be still living, guardians like Kabr drinking the radiolarian fluid causing him to be turned into a vex construct. I could write books on the vex and their ideas but the reason I bring them to light is because there are rumors that during the Red War a accent Vex gate has opened, and these rumors are starting to gain some traction. I still looking into the matter but if its the gate I am thinking it is than this is way bigger than all of us and it can only mean one thing….. Osiris is back.


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