The most notorious warlock in vanguard history, I have spent many an hour researching and collecting very last piece of data I could find on him. He is a personal idea of mine and I could write my own book on him and his legendary sunsinger methods, his travels, his discoveries, but all that and I still can’t tell you where he is now. So, for now I will tell you who he was.

Osiris’s story can be traced back to the battle of the six fronts where he fought side by side with the titans agents the fallen house of devils. Warriors will tell of the many heroes they saw that day from Jagi and his host of seven to the Iron lords themselves, however there was one who defied all explanations. Reports exist of a guardian who was seemingly at all places at once, fighting as if they were present on every section of the wall. The six front held agents the fallen that day, the city was saved but not without great sacrifice, blood lined the brink work and cemented the masonry, yet the populous rejoiced. Calibrations where held for guardians, the heroes once more and at the heart of it all walked two men, a titan named Saint-14 walked proudly among his fellow guardians, and warlock cloaked in gold regarded as a warrior of superior prowess, Osiris.

As the celebrations went on Saint-14 called for Osiris to be named the warlock mentor for the vanguard, he argued that Osiris could use his keen mind to help the city in all areas in which it struggled still, to even help the city rise to a new golden age perhaps. Osiris had unanimous support except for Lysander, a leader of the faction knows as the Concordat and he claimed that Osiris was a mistake, being miss incarnated by a faulty ghost. This may have been due to the critical nature of Osiris which cause him to question the accepted doctorands within the guardian order. Despite the Concordats objection the speaker sided with Saint-14 and Osiris was named warlock vanguard.

It wasn’t long until Osiris began to grow tiered of the daily grind of the vanguard life, repetitive strike missions and unproductive sessions with the cryptarks. Osiris appeared to be wavering, the speaker took notice of this and stepped in, taking Osiris under his wing allowing him to truly learn and flourish. The speaker hoped to uplift Osiris and prepare him for leadership, but this only made Osiris’s curiosity more veracious, he became obsessed with finding the answers to who we were as guardians. How much of a guardian’s personality is true and how much is refabricated by their ghost, did we share personality traits, a willingness to yield to authority perhaps, where guardians just manufactured by the traveler as a personal army? Osiris thrust for knowledge would not be sainted by such simple questions, so he turned his eyes to darker subjects in his quest to understand, he delved into thanatotics, the forbidden art of trying to pray knowledge from beyond death’s door, he pursued ahamkara lore, he chased Xur and the nine, launched expeditions into the outer system at a time when ships where scares, all this in pursuit of knowledge. Behind all this Osiris knew the true enemy of the city was the darkness. Interestingly he was a great friend to Toland the shattered, another warlock of great taboo, it is possible that Osiris was the grounding point for Toland being tolerated in the city, and that his later exile was the catalyst for Toland’s own.

As Osiris continued to delve deeper into dark lore, he became a cult of personality amongst the guardian orders, the deeper he went the more disciples flocked to his cause. Whispers became to circulate, was Osiris right and the speaker misleading us, as the cult of Osiris grew so did their boldness in supporting his ideas and values, never the less guardians wanted clear answers to who they were and what the true objective of the cause was. Discontent started to set in but all too soon the time for intrigue and infighting would cease, the fallen had united the houses of devils, winter and kings and launched an assault on the twilight gap. It was in this battle Osiris made a move that was truly controversial,  he turned to the sunbreaks, mercenary titans who held no allegiance to the city, Osiris saw them as warriors of the light despite being sell swords they would honor their contact. Zavala the titan vanguard saw them as hornless and turned his back on them and perhaps this was the straw that broke the camel’s back , perhaps it was the lack of answers, we are not sure but one day Osiris entered the speakers chambers and when he emerged he was branded a exile.


Despite his exile Osiris was enough of a charismatic and capable leader and took many of his fallowers with him and left behind many more in the city, Osiris influence would be felt even years after he left. His study of the vex lead him to mercury where he set up a number of camps for the study he was undertaking, most notable was a rather large camp hidden amongst the Caloris spiers, it was here where he garrisoned his main force including the Sunbreakers, we came to know this strange place as the lighthouse. Osiris continued his studies and became just as obsessed with the hive as he was with the vex, and in this he discovered a series of links, what allowed them to become so vast, how did the vex hide their gate system and the hive hide their ascendant realm, and all the while there where whispers in the void that spoke to him. All this caused him to come to a conclusion, that it all comes from something bigger.

Every end crawls from the same pit, rising from the schism to swallow matter, Light and Life. It will not be stopped, but here it can be slowed.” -Osiris

The details of what really happened to Osiris are unclear, but we are not without clues.

“The output is consistent with my readings at the shrine of Oryx on the moon. Osiris belived all of the shrines were connected and went searching for their nexus. I think we may have found it, did I tell you Osiris never returned?” – Ghost scan Dreadnaught

From what I can piece together the likely story is Osiris went searching for the hive nexus and got lost in the nether realms but this conflicts with reports of the speaker who said Osiris had found a way to traverse the vex gate system and was on mercury. I theorize that the vex gate system and the hive nether realm are licked in some way and Osiris’s main goal remains unchanged, for both vex and hive are servants of the darkness, the vex due to a celeste quest for survival agents the harsh calculus of the universe and the hive dude to a need to find immortality through slaughter.

With all this Osiris vanished, and even the diligent hunting of Saint-14 who had been ordered by the Speaker to bring Osiris home, was not enough, but then a new generation of guardians arrived, and things started to change. Following the death of Skolas, the kell of kells, Eris Morn met with the queen of the reef and an unknown figure of a radiant presents, and these three swore to do battle agents Oryx, it is not clear but it is pursued that his figure was either a disciple of Osiris or Osiris himself. Osiris’s disciples where not vacant during his absence, bother vans was station at the Reef where he invited guardians to partake in the trials of Osiris. These tires were part of the fallowers that he had left behind and their attempts to save him from his from his adventures into the gate system. Only a team with unmatched prowess would have a chance at retrieving Osiris, and so guardians squared off in teams of three each competing to gain access to the light house and gain rewards for flawless success.

Even with the trials constantly forcing a cult of his personality to persist in the city, there are other points of references to him. Fallowing the Red War and the defeat of Ghaul there where mentions of his name, long dead whispers reawakened, and rumors started to spared. On their own the don’t appear to be much but looking at the bigger picture, collectively we have gained his attention.

“Odd we are monitoring the Pyramidion’s resonant frequencies as you explore. I thought I recognized the voice of….Osiris?,  No…..”- Ikora

All seemed as though it was just another series of riddles, more bread crumbs for use to try and piece together, but then Ikora Rey, former apprentice of Osiris and leader of the warlocks as the warlock vanguard… told me, her trusted student and one in line to be named her successor, the truth.

Guardian, what I’m about to tell you stays between us.” -Ikora



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