Ionic Framework: A Preview

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What is it?

Remember my very first blog post? Me neither. But if you happen to, it was about a JavaScript framework called Angular. Angular is my baby and I love it dearly, but unfortunately for me, there are other frameworks out there. Enter: Ionic. It’s a framework geared towards developing mobile-friendly web applications. So let’s see what it has to offer!


Hybrid Mobile Application Development

That’s a lot of buzz words I just threw at you. Basically, it means using one framework to seamlessly develop a web application for both desktop and mobile users. Incredibly useful in an increasingly mobile world.

Angular Incorporation

All is good in this world. Ionic can be integrated with the Angular framework to streamline production and encourage more dynamic websites.

Cordova Plug-ins

Something I never really thought about working with. Cordova is apparently a pretty big part of Ionic development. All of the modules are coded in JavaScript and come bundled up with Ionic, so it just falls on the developer to unwrap those code presents and integrate them with the web application.
As always, stay tuned for a full review of Ionic. It sounds great in theory, so I’ll do more investigation to see if it actually lives up to all of that hype!