Wix: What Went Wrong and Right

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The verdict is in! Wix definitely has a lot to offer at an affordable price range for anyone trying to get their website or business off the ground, so let’s dive into what worked and what didn’t!

The Good


  • Smart Building: There is an Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) which helps build certain types of websites. This makes it easy if you are building a less uniquely themed site, as it does most of the work for you.
  • Flexibility: While Wix wants to make the website building process as easy as possible, it is always willing to give up control to let the user modify the design to their liking. This is important for drawing in the crowds of website builders who are a bit more advanced, as it gives them more of the control they are likely looking for.

The Bad

  • Ads: These ads aren’t for you to make money, it’s for Wix to make money off of you. It makes sense, the free model only goes so far in paying the bills, but it can make your site look less professional if you aren’t willing to dish out more cash for an ad-free version, leading into the next con.
  • Pricing: While you can certainly build a site for free, it won’t always be the prettiest if Wix is placing their ads on it. The cheapest ad-free pricing option is $10.00/month, which for some starting businesses may not be ideal.
  • Templates: But Kevin, wasn’t this a pro? Yes! The templates themselves are great. However, if you want to have that great flexibility Wix offers, you’re better off not using a template. The templates themselves have very little flexibility.


Generally speaking, Wix is a very solid option for anyone looking to develop a personal or small business website. The templates provide a great starting point if you aren’t confident in your website building abilities just yet. The pricing may not be totally ideal, but if you’re okay with ads, you’ll be able to build a professional looking website in no time, and that’s pretty tough to beat!