Angular: My Findings

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At my internship last summer, I used Angular to develop an online Medicare enrollment form. I had little to no complaints about using it, and found it made my job way easier than if I just tried to use vanilla JavaScript.

What did I make?

Here are some screenshots of the website I helped build using Angular:

Screenshot 1Blog2Blog3

Do the features actually help?

It does! Here are a few:

  • Directives:I didn’t find myself using this very much. It is great for certain aspects of programming with Angular, but ultimately comes down to preference when deciding how much (or how little) to utilize it.
  • In-line Angular: Yes. This was a life saver. Programming centrally through HTML is incredibly convenient for the programmer.
  • MVC: I used C# for the Controller part of this, and there were no issues at all connecting the two. Angular did a great job bridging the gap between the Model, View, and Controller.

Is it worth using?

Yes. There are a large number of JavaScript frameworks that make programming easier, and I’ll try to explore some of those as well, but on its own, Angular does a great job making the programmer’s quality of life better. Considering that’s the point of it, it is definitely worth using.