Well, hey there, Internet! I’m attempting to write a blog! I’m Tori and this is the blog I have to write for my Social Media Optimization class at UW-Whitewater.

When my professor told us to figure out a topic for our blogs, my choice came to mind right away: the Green Bay Packers. I’ve been a Packer fan all my life, and have been rabidly invested in the team for a while now. But Tori, you might think, there are tons of Green Bay opinion blogs and Packers Hot Takes™ already floating around the Internet. Sure, that’s true. But I’m not here to be Colin Cowherd or Skip Bayless. (Good Lord, no.) My goal with this blog is to review each and every Packer game this season, starting with preseason Week 1.

Not only will I discuss the games themselves, I’ll also include social media posts about each game. I really wanted to include this, because let’s be honest, sports social media is a pretty fun place. Much of my enjoyment of Packer games comes from interacting with other fans on social media, mostly through Twitter and Reddit. I will be bringing you some of my favorite tweets, posts from game threads, and other social media bits, and hopefully they’ll give you a laugh while we re-live the Packers’ season. Me, posting on a social medium, talking about social media, for a class on social media… I guess that makes this blog pretty meta.

So I hope you’ll join me! We’ve got a fun season to recap.

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