So, I really have no idea how to close this blog out. I’m kinda winging it. But to sum it all up as simply as possible, this season was a freakin’ roller coaster ride. It had the highest of highs and lowest of lows. Since I don’t particularly enjoy re-living the lows, let’s take a look at the highs, shall we?

Favorite Regular Season game: Week 14 vs. Seattle
This one was amazing for a number of reasons. Our team seemed to be totally in sync, we spanked the Seahawks, and got a whopping six turnovers. I don’t think I’ve been happier watching a game in recent memory.

Favorite Playoff game: Divisional Round vs. Dallas
Okay, maybe it wasn’t my favorite while I was watching it. But in hindsight, the way we managed to come back from nearly blowing it was incredible. Plus, Mason Crosby’s game-winning field goal is just renaissance art.

Favorite Plays:
The Jeff Janis end-around against Seattle. Because Jeff Janis.
Randall Cobb’s end-of-half Hail Mary against the Giants. I mean… it does not get better than that.
Jared Cook’s Michael Jackson catch in the divisional game. HE WENT TO JARED!
Jordy Nelson’s 3rd and 11 completion against Chicago in Week 15. I will NEVER ever get tired of Jordy hauling in 60 yard bombs. Ever.
All five interceptions in the Seattle game. Featuring Vince McMahon.

As for free agency, which started on March 9th of this year, we let a LOT of people go, including:
-G JC Tretter to CLE
-G TJ Lang to DET
-RB Eddie Lacy to SEA
-TE Jared Cook to OAK
-DT Mike Pennel to NYJ
-LB Julius Peppers to CAR
-DB Micah Hyde to BUF

However, Ted Thompson has been off the RAILS with the free agent signings this offseason, which include so far:
-TE Martellus Bennett (from NE)
-TE Lance Kendricks (from LA)
-G Jahri Evans (from NO)
-CB Davon House (from JAX)
-DT Ricky-Jean Francois (from WAS)

All in all, an average season. However, with the new free agents and an impending NFL Draft, who knows what we’ll do next year? I’m thinking we run the table all the way to Super Bowl 52 this time.

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