I’ll start this post with a cool story related to this game… my cousin, a die-hard Packer fan, is in the Army, and he had just returned from a tour in Afghanistan a few days prior to the divisional game. His wife managed to snag tickets to the game at AT&T Stadium. They got on the news and everything, they had a great time, and damn… did they witness a hell of a game.

After making an impressive comeback against the Giants in the Wild Card round, the Packers made it to the divisonal round. The admittedly-intimidating Dallas Cowboys were looking to be a tough matchup, but I had hope going into the game. Along with, you know, the ridiculous nervousness that usually comes with these sorts of things.

Both offenses competed furiously against each other in this matchup. Aaron Rodgers threw for 355 yards, while hot-shot Dallas QB Dak Prescott threw for 302. Dallas RB Ezekiel Elliott had many successful runs, but Ty Montgomery and Aaron Ripkowski matched that. Dallas’ receivers got the ball down the field fast, and so did the Packers. However, nothing could compare to that catch from Jared Cook at the end of the game. You know the one.

Speaking of pain and anxiety, that’s where the defense comes in. Heh. The Packers’ defense was not the best in this game, and considering that, it’s kind of a miracle that we won this one. I distinctly remember screaming “WHY ARE WE NOT COVERING JASON WITTEN?!” at my TV at one point. There were dead spots and blown coverages all over the place. Luckily, they held it together enough, but they were pushing it. We all remember how this game ended. Dallas ties it up with 35 seconds left in the game, and the Packers get a chance to score, with Mason Crosby kicking the game-winning field goal.

And now, my descent into insanity in the five-minute-or-so span that Crosby kicked the FG.

Yeah. I deleted a lot of tweets that day. I was a hot mess.

So, of course, this means we’re headed to the NFC Championship game, against the Atlanta Falcons, who are on fire. We ran the table this far… could we do it in Atlanta?

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