In Week 16, the Minnesota Vikings came to town on Christmas Eve. It was not a merry Christmas for our rivals. The Packers beat the Vikes 38-25, which knocked Minnesota out of playoff contention after starting their season 5-0. Could we really run the table, as Rodgers said we could? Let’s dive into it, shall we?!

Overall, the offense meshed really well in this game. Impressive touchdowns were hauled in by Davante Adams, Richard Rodgers, and Jordy Nelson. Aaron Rodgers threw for 348 yards and 4 TDs in this spectacular showing. Rodgers also ran in a TD himself, and juked the CRAP out of Minnesota CB Xavier Rhodes as he did so.

Just filthy. Part of the offense’s successes were due to the fact that Minnesota’s defense was just bad. Nobody could seem to cover Jordy in particular. He seemed to be pretty happy about that fact, judging how he went super saiyan after one of his TDs.

Hype Jordy is best Jordy. Needless to say, I was very happy with how the offense presented themselves in this game. I was thankful for this, as well, because I was spending Christmas Eve at a family member’s house during this game. I sure didn’t want them to see my football anger, so I’m thankful that our dominant offense kept us on top throughout the entire game.

On the defensive side of the ball, things actually went okay. Clay Matthews had a great strip sack on Minnesota QB Sam Bradford. There were a couple of moments where our secondary couldn’t quite cover TE Adam Thielen, which mildly irritated me.

Even if our defense had their weak moments, overall this game was wildly successful for the Packers. Spirits among Packer fans were at an all-time high. One more win, at next week’s primetime matchup with Detroit for the NFC North title, and they’d run the table. Merry Christmas, indeed.

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