In the next game of our table-running journey, the Pack took a journey down to frigid Soldier Field to take on the Chicago Bears. The game was filled with twists and turns, and the 3-11 Bears kept pace with us way more than I would have expected them to. However, we did win, 30-27, and as an added bonus, this win tied up the Bears/Packers all time win/loss record. One more win, and we’ll beat them! IT’LL HAPPEN!

On the offensive side of the ball, there were no passing TDs today, which was weird and a bit unsettling. Davante Adams and Jordy Nelson had a couple of really bad drops, which scared me a bit. Rodgers was still a bit gimpy from various leg muscle tweaks in both legs, so that could be part of the reason, as well.

However, our run game was the star of the show. Former Seahawk Christine Michael got a TD under his belt. Wide receiver turned running back Ty Montgomery also rushed for 162 yards and 2 TDs. Monty had an impressive 61 yard run that initially only looked like it’d gain 2 yards.

Defensively, we were pretty much hot garbage, which is probably the main reason we let Chicago nearly come back to beat us. There were many blatant missed tackles from our defense. Nobody could really cover Alshon Jeffery worth a damn. The only great thing about the defense today is that they got three turnovers, mostly off of overthrows from Bears QB Matt Barkley.

As always, the Packers have to give me at least one heart attack each season, so when this game was tied with a little over a minute left in the fourth quarter, I started getting worried. However, a 60 yard bomb to Jordy Nelson on 3rd and 11 set Mason Crosby up to boot the game-winning field goal.

(I was seriously a hot mess by the time this game was ending. I hadn’t drank any water that day – only soda. So I was getting so worked up and nervous that I quite literally almost passed out. Shaking, tingly hands, the works. I had to go lie down for a good fifteen minutes after that game ended. Oops.)

The general consensus among Packer fans after this win? A win is a win, but we should not have let the Bears come back that closesly. However, the table’s still running! Next week, we move onto Minnesota.

Lastly, it was so cold and we were hitting so hard, that a Bears player’s decal flew off his helmet. Insanity.

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