The table run continues! And, this week, the Packers took down the Seahawks in a decisive 38-10 win, and it made this whole “run the table” thing seem so much more attainable. And, look, most of this post is going to be me just reminiscing about how downright insane this game was. First up: Davante Adams with THIS RIDICULOUSNESS. This 66-yard pass ended up being the longest of the season.

(“Welcome to Week 14!” … the minute I heard that, I knew this was going to be a good game. It also instantaneously became one of my favorite Joe Buck calls of all time.)

The offense went ham during this game. Aaron Rodgers threw for 3 TDs and 248 yards in total. The connections he had with his receivers were as strong as they’ve ever been. Jordy Nelson, Ty Montgomery, and Randall Cobb all had multiple targets, and Nelson and Adams were responsible for hauling in the aforementioned the three touchdowns. Jeff Janis also had an end-around rushing TD that still makes me nearly cry of happiness every time I watch it. The offensive line kept Seattle’s defense away from Rodgers very well. Overall, I was so impressed with the offense. Ridiculously impressed.

Defensively… Okay, give me a fangirl moment here: CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS DEFENSE?!?!?!? SIX DAMN TURNOVERS!!!!! This defense had a ridiculous FIVE interceptions and one fumble recovery. I could not, and kinda still can’t, comprehend that number. That just doesn’t happen.

The defense also got three sacks on Russell Wilson. I have never been so happy to see Seattle’s garbage offensive line fail so badly. Both the line and the secondary actually had a good day for the most part. They impressed the hell out of me, as well, holding the Hawks to only one touchdown and one field goal.

This game was one of the most fun games I’ve watched in a long time. I frequently go back and watch highlights because, just… wow. Next week, a streak of NFC North games to close out the season, starting with the Bears.

…Okay, but seriously? The Janis end-around is my freaking favorite.

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