After a season of highs and lows, we’re entering the home stretch! After last week’s win in Philly, a spark of optimism came back to the team. Many people attribute this win streak to Aaron Rodgers’ “run the table” comment from a few weeks back. This could be true, but there was another element that I believe brought good luck to this team.

Reddit user Tom_Grossi had tried wearing all of his lucky Packer jerseys during the losing streak, with none of them working. For the previous week’s game in Philly, he dressed his dog, Synclaire, in a jersey, posting “None of my lucky jerseys have worked this year… I brought out the big guns.” After winning the Philly game, Tom decided to dress Synclaire in her jersey again.

Hey it worked last week. Lucky dog jersey back again. from GreenBayPackers

Now that we’ve seen cute dogs: onto football! This week’s matchup against the Texans proved to be intriguing, especially once Wisconsin woke up that morning and looked out their windows.

That’s right… SNOOOOOW GAAAAAAME! (Sorry. I just love snow games.)

As for the game itself, it was a really fun watch due to all the snow. The first score came in the second quarter, with Aaron Rodgers connecting with Randall Cobb for the 9-yard touchdown. In what was probably my favorite moment of the game, Cobb went slip-sliding into the end zone and then proceeded to make a snow angel. Altogether, the offense did really well. There was an actual even balance of pass and run plays, which had been a really weird discrepancy for the past several games. Aaron Ripkowski had a couple of wonderful runs, including one for a TD, and Rodgers threw for 213 yards.

Defensively, we did alright as well. We held Texans QB Brock Osweiler to two TDs. Julius Peppers came through with a couple of impressive sacks. Injury-wise, the linebacker massacre continued, with Jake Ryan leaving to nurse an ankle injury and Nick Perry leaving to go get his problem hand bandaged up.

All in all, the Packers braved the frozen tundra and pulled out a 21-13 win over the Titans, improving their record to 6-6. The table running continues! And I truly think it has something to do with that dog. (Synclaire went on to become somewhat famous on the Packers’ team subreddit, with fans declaring their undying allegiance to the “Magic Jersey Pupper”.)

Next week, we move onto a truly insane game with our old foes, the Seahawks. Oh, and don’t think I wouldn’t leave you without a gif of Randy’s snow angel.

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