Once Week 12 rolled around, the Packers were 4-6. They needed to win the last six games of the season to win the NFC North and try their hand in the playoffs. Every game was a must-win, including Week 12’s matchup in Philly against the Eagles. I didn’t know if they could do it, but Rodgers’ little “run the table” comment gave me some hope.

Herein begins… the table run. (Insert dramatic music here.) And guys… our first drive ended in a touchdown, a 12-yard pass to Davante Adams. Holy crap. We were leading. Oh my god. Stay calm. Okay. Holy crap.

AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE SECOND TOUCHDOWN?!?!?! A 20 yard pass from Rodgers, to Davante Adams, who somehow came down with it while he was heavily covered. I’ve said a lot of things about Davante Adams over the years, but that catch was unreal, along with the rest of his play in this game. Overall, the offense really meshed today. Rodgers was on fire, throwing for 313 yards and rushing for a couple as well.

The one offensive moment that scared the daylight out of me was when Rodgers tweaked his hamstring. Naturally, I began to freak the hell out… until I saw Rodgers enter The Injury Tent. This became somewhat of a meme on Twitter in the moments after he went in. What’s the tent for? we all asked. Where is he GOING?! Turns out, they have these little privacy tents for if a player needs to take their pants off to get a muscle worked on by the trainers. Fun fact.

Defensively, we held it together, though it was pretty much a hot mess in the second half. Again, the secondary was slow, and the defense as a whole began to be riddled with injuries. At one point, we kept losing linebackers and boy, was I a mess at that. I believe this was the first game that we’d put Morgan Burnett in at ILB, which low key terrified me a little bit.

The Pack won over the Eagles 27-13 and kept hope alive for one more game. Sounds stupid, but it was the first time I’d felt genuinely happy after a game in a loooong time. Next week, the Packers take on the Houston Texans. The table running continues!

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