Week 2. Sunday Night Football. Packers vs Vikings, in the Vikings’ new stadium. The hype was real, but for me, the fear was even real-er.

I had been very worried about the Vikings from the start. The Vikings’ offense in general was going to be a challenge for our defense to handle, even with Minnesota quarterback-for-only-12-days Sam Bradford. Either way, I was probably more excited for this game than for Week 1, surprisingly.

My worry (and anger) flared up in the first half. Davante Adams did have some trouble catching passes, and did fumble at one point, which made me quite angry because Davante, I thought we were OVER THIS. Even Packers HOF safety LeRoy Butler had some choice words about Adams’ catching issues.


On the next Packers drive, though, Eddie Lacy saw a lot of action. He had a couple great runs that got us up to the red zone. And then Jordy! The comeback kid completed a one-yard pass into the end zone for the first touchdown ever scored in the Vikings’ new stadium.

At least we have that.

The Vikings answered with a eight-yard Kyle Rudolph touchdown and a 46-yard Blair Walsh field goal, bringing the score to 10-7 Minnesota at the half. In the second half, McCarthy chose to run James Starks up the gut on a 4th and 2… and we ended up turning over on downs. The Internet at large ended up raging at that decision, rather than just taking the field goal.

(I have more words I could write about that play, but they are not suitable for an academic blog.)

Minnesota had ANOTHER TD, but on the next drive, the Packers answered with a TD of their own… after a sack, a handful of incomplete passes, and crappy runs from Starks. In the end, Aaron Rodgers just did it himself and ran in the TD from 10 yards out. At the two-minute warning, Rodgers threw a pick to Minnesota’s Trae Waynes, and that’s where the Packers ended it, losing 17-14.

Needless to say, I was NOT happy with how this game went. My biggest concern was with Aaron Rodgers’ accuracy. He missed TONS of throws in this game, and he went down a lot as well. Last week’s praise of Damarious Randall went away; he let Stefon Diggs completely torch him. Our pass rush looked pretty good, and players like rookie Kenny Clark stepped up in their defensive roles. The 4th and 1 play call completely baffled me as well. I began to realize that this season may not live up to the offseason hype.

Next week, Green Bay takes on Detroit!

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