And here we are! Week 1 finally came, and Packer fans were ecstatic, including yours truly.

(Yes, I have an alarm for noon games just in case I stay up too late the night before. Fight me.)

So I settled in with my plate of taquitos and my lucky gameday bottle of Coke Zero, and off the regular season went! Jacksonville had the ball first, but they didn’t have it for long. Joe Thomas came away with a picked-off pass from Blake Bortles, fumbled it briefly, and then it was recovered again by Micah Hyde. And the crowd goes wild…

Out came the offense! Eddie Lacy made his return known with a nine-yard run up the middle on 4th and 1.

That… is a strange, but apt descriptor.

A couple of plays later, the Packers were in the red zone. Naturally, I was wondering who would have our first TD of the season. Cobb? Nelson? Adams? It turned out to be none of those people, as Aaron Rodgers said “screw it, I’ll do this myself” and ran it in for a six-yard touchdown. He broke out the Championship Belt, and THE HYPE LEVELS WENT OFF THE CHARTS.

Jacksonville answered with a rushing TD of their own, from TJ Yeldon, and then tacked on a field goal a few drives later, bringing it 10-7, Jags. And then came what we were all waiting for… the triumphant return of Jordy Nelson! He caught a six-yard pass for the touchdown, bringing the score to 14-10.

Yeah, our apartment got pretty loud at that point.

Jacksonville, again, answered with a TD, an impressive 22-yarder from Julius Thomas. Green Bay’s very next offensive drive ended in a TD as well, with a truly insane 29-yard pass going to Davante Adams. I still have so many questions about that play. How did he throw that? How did he catch that? How are these people even human???

Each team tacked on two more field goals each during the second half, and the Packers came out on top, 27-23. The end of the game was especially nerve-wracking, with the Jags down by 4 points and in the red zone, but the victory was sealed when Damarious Randall batted down a Blake Bortles pass on 4th and 1.

My personal thoughts on this game:

  • Damarious Frickin’ Randall. Dude was on fire for the entire game, and especially came through on that last play to seal the game.
  • The ball was spread evenly among many receivers and backs, which I liked.
  • Aaron Rodgers is not human.

So the Packers are 1-0, and we’re off to Minnesota to play the first game at the Vikings’ new stadium!

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