The Packers traveled to San Francisco for Week 3 to face the 49ers in Week 3. The Niners were coming off of a mediocre 2016 season. NFL Twitter was reeling over the impending Kaepernick/Gabbert QB controversy, and new head coach Chip Kelly was determined to make this upcoming season work. (Spoiler alert: It didn’t. Dear lord, it didn’t.) So, like any rational Packer fan, I became deeply worried about the future of this team when our first drive was riddled with penalties, and the Niners ended up scoring first.

However, Aaron Rodgers, making his only preseason appearance, threw a six-yard touchdown to Randall Cobb on the next drive. Oh, and a few plays earlier, Rodgers did that one thing we all love…

Dude’s got eyes in the back of his damn head, swear to God.

The next touchdown pass came from third-stringer Joe Callahan, a diving 18-yarder to fan favorite Jared Abbrederis.

Abby dives for the TD! (Photo courtesy Evan Siegle)

San Francisco answered with a field goal, making the score 14-10. But then some freaking MAGIC happened.

Yeah, now the Joe Callahan hype train has left the station, too. The kid loves rolling out, and he made a couple of straight up absurd throws. The game action largely ended when Marwin Evans intercepted a pass meant for the 49ers’ DiAndre Campbell, and the Packers won this one 21-10.

Some of my personal thoughts on this game? I was completely sold on Jared Cook after this game. He made a couple of great receptions that dispelled the rumors from other teams that he had stone hands. Brandon Burks also made a case for RB3 with his touchdown. On the defensive side of things, Marwin Evans looked great at safety, and the rookie D-linemen were also piquing my interest all night.

So all in all, another successful night. Next game we go visit the Chiefs!

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