Ah, yes… week 1 of the preseason. After getting blue-balled by a truly stupid Hall of Fame Game field fiasco involving congealed field paint, Packer fans finally rejoiced at getting something mildly resembling football back.

And boy, did it mildly resemble football! The Packers played the Cleveland Browns, and with third- and fourth- string players at the helm, it was an interesting one. Cleveland jumped out to an early lead with… a safety? All righty, then. The Packers bit back in no time with a 54-yard field goal by Mason Crosby.

(Me too, James. Me too.)

After a not-particularly-noteworthy punt fest between the teams, third-string quarterback Joe Callahan spearheaded one hell of a two-minute drive, pitching a two-yard pass to running back John Crockett for the touchdown.

In the second half, everything seemed to be going smoothly – wait, another safety, this time from Cleveland? What? I, personally, became quite confused.

Well, that’s out of the ordinary. Anyway. The next Packers drive ended in a punt. But this… this was no ordinary punt. Free agent punter Peter Mortell booted an impressive 62-yarder. It was very well-covered by Green Bay’s special teams, and downed at Cleveland’s 18. The Mortell hype train roared to life.

The game neared its end. Cleveland had the ball. The Cleveland Browns QB Roulette had Cody Kessler at his own 9-yard line, rolling out, trying to find a man… and DOWN HE WENT! When’s the last time you saw three safeties in one game?!

The Packers overtook the Browns 17-11. Even though I joke that this wasn’t “real football”, it did actually give me some insight on the up-and-coming players on the roster. Joe Callahan threw for 124 yards and one TD, and had many people saying he looked like Aaron Rodgers himself. Receivers and backs like Ty Montgomery, Jared Abbrederis, and Geronimo Allison all looked impressive to me as well. Offseason catch Jared Cook also had two receptions for eight yards, which got me on the Jared Cook hype train hardcore. Peter Mortell’s 62-yard punt had fans calling for then-starting punter Tim Masthay’s job.

Shake-ups were on the line for this Green Bay Packers team, and Week 1 of the preseason showed me that the upcoming season would be a fun ride.

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