Take a Seat. Enjoy the Game. Welcome to the Student Section.


This is my first official blog for the Student Section and my first official blog in general. I know exactly what you’re thinking… What the hell is this? For those of you who know me know this is not my cup of tea but who knows maybe you’ll learn something new and maybe I will as well. My name is Conor Bizik and I’m a senior at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater. This blog will mainly focus on sports given the appropriate name the “Student Section.” Along with that I am trying my hardest to start a podcast yet my roommate will not give in and be my second voice. 

So let’s talk about sports… and let’s talk about the San Diego Padres. Holy lineup. Little quick story about me: I don’t have a favorite team in any other sport other than baseball. Mainly because I grew up playing baseball. I am a Padres fan. Pretty weird for being born in Illinois and going to school in a winter wonderland to like a team in a state I have never stepped foot in. The reason I like the Padres is simple yet weird. Throwback like ten years ago the Padres were basically the Browns of the MLB. Just a shit-show. Therefore, I picked the shittiest team. Ten years later and I’m 100% telling you to bet the house they will be in the World Series. Minus the Dodgers stupid stacked team I think San Diego’s got one this year. A man can only dream. For the Brewers fans reading, they stink, I hate them, I hate Christian Yelich. That’s the Chicago in me for you.

Next week I’ll run through a list of divisions and where I think everyone will rank. Again thank you for stopping by the site and I hope you enjoyed this little first blog. I’m looking forward to growing this brand and hoping to put out great content for everyone to enjoy. Leave a comment on what you want to hear!

Peace & Love