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The Muse Meetings!

Don’t forget, the first Muse meeting of the semester is tomorrow [1/28] at 5pm in the 3rd floor lounge of Laurentide. Whether you have been on The Muse before, or you want to come check us out, we meet every Thursday¬†at 5pm in the 3rd floor lounge of Laurentide. See you there!!

Whats going on at The Muse

Want to Join the Muse Staff?

The Muse is always looking to include new staff members!

Whether you want to run for a officer positions, help pick which works make it into this year’s volume of The Muse, or just want to join another club, stop by one of The Muse meetings.

For the spring of 2016, we meet on the 3rd floor of Laurentide Hall at 5pm every Thursday.

For more information, email

Whats going on at The Muse

Recent Changes

In an effort to bring our website and Facebook page up to date, you will notice a few changes. Many of these we are very excited about.


You probably noticed we changed the look of our page. This fresh start is reflective of our most recent edition of The Muse.


We are working on scanning back issues of the magazine to post on the site. These will be in PDF format. Come back to see what we have added.


We notices people asking questions on our Facebook page, so we decided that it was high time to write up a FAQ page to answer all of your pressing questions.

Check back for more information as we undergo a few changes.