Hi guys, as you know, this experiments main focus is chocolate. I’m using pips of a Hersey milk chocolate bar for the chocolate portions.


1: Ham


Eh. They didn’t really mix so the result was not unlike the result of the SpagettiOs and chocolate mix. It was just ham and chocolate. At least it wasn’t terrible. I happen to like both ham and chocolate, so it worked out in a way. Also because the tastes never mixed there really was no problem with the consistency of either the ham of the chocolate. 5 out of 10 due to lack of a combined taste.


2: Mike and Ikes

WOW WAS THIS SWEET. I needed to wash this down with almost three cups of milk. Unless you’re Willy Wonka or a sugar addict, I suggest you avoid this. I am a low-grade sugar addict, so about half the time I like this.

But yeah… the taste. Chocolate. Fruit. That’s it. And whatever you call the burning sensation of too much sugar, because that was all I could really focus on. 6 out of 10 for the sugar bomb of fruity chocolate.


3: Mac N Cheese

Surprisingly good. I still tasted mostly chocolate. But the noodles gave the chocolate a smoother consistency. Additionally, the cheese and noodles reduced the sweetness of the chocolate to a pleasant level . So it wasn’t  some great taste symphony, but it was still decent. I give it a 7 out of 10


And that’s all for this round. Get ready for awesome because next time is……a surprise! (okay I just need to go get groceries because I basically have nothing but water and bread right now and can make no promises) Ciao!

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Greetings and salutations interwebs! After an interim post we are now returning to your regularly scheduled programming. Since you’ve been so patient, let’s get straight to the potato chips.

1: Jelly

For this experiment I used strawberry jelly. (Or jam. Not sure of the difference other than on the label) The combination of the chip and the jelly was really sweet. And it kind of sizzled in my mouth. The salt on the chip and the tart in the jelly made it feel like I was eating a smarty because it was so acidic. (update: it was jelly, I looked it up) The sugary taste wasn’t so bad. But it also wasn’t that impressive. 4 out of 10: Because, although smarties are good, it’s not a good taste to get from a potato chip with jelly on it.

2: Chocolate

Ehh. You’d think this would be amazing like a normal chocolate covered potato chip, but it wasn’t. The chip was dissolved in seconds and made the chocolate taste a little off. I could best describe it as tasting expired. Expired chocolate taste earns this experiment a 3 out of 10 score.

3: Mac N Cheese

It should be mentioned I’m using cold Mac N Cheese for this as it was on hand (translation: in my fringe). Also, cold pasta is a meal of champions; not unlike cold pizza.

It was actually not that bad. But it think I got the ratios wrong because there was just too much chip for my mac, you know what I’m saying. The taste itself was okay. It kind of made it taste like a grilled Mac N Cheese sandwich (I’ve actually had that: it was a weird week at summer camp, long story).

So, I’m going to give this a 7 out of 10 as it was, but I can see this being a 9 or 10 out of 10 if I could work out the best chip to mac ratio.


And that’s all I have for you today! Tune in next time for CHOCOLATE.

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Hi guys. I just wanted to take a break from my normal post type to get a bit more serious you all for a brief moment… Okay, I’ll admit part of it is that I need a break because I’m getting insane heartburn that could take down a small pachyderm. But that has nothing to do with what I want to talk about.  Mainly, there are two topics I want to discuss with you today.

First and foremost: Safety. Readers, if you mess around with food like I’m doing here, or just in general instances of eating, mind what you are taking. This is particularly the case for those out there who are allergic to anything that is eaten. In recent weeks I’ve heard multiple cases of accidental deaths resulting from allergic reactions. I know that at least two of them were caused by a peanut allergy. The articles on two of the many recent accidents can be found here and here.

Please everyone be careful when it comes to food allergies. Always check labels to see if an allergen is an ingredient or came in contact to what you are eating. And always, ALWAYS carry an EpiPen (pictured below thanks to or something prescribed to you in case of an allergic reaction. I know you probably don’t want to be bombarded with yet another warning but this needs to be addressed.

For those of us who don’t need to mind our own allergies, be mindful of those around us. If you have guests you are serving or are going out with friends, ask if they have any allergies.  Let’s try to avoid any more unnecessary accidents and deaths. Thank you for your time spent reading about this issue.

Now, on a much lighter note: there is the second matter I wish to discuss. Be kind with any comments as this is near and dear to my heart. Despite what I post about on this blog, I can honestly say I know what goes best with any food. When all the experiments have been done and recorded, what goes best with a good meal is a good book.

I know you’re making a face at this so STOP IT. Reading is important and I want to give a friendly reminder to get out there and enjoy what the literary world has to offer you.  If you’re lacking a good book here are some sites that can give you great recommendations:

Thank you for humoring my more serious post. Don’t worry; the potato chip shall have its day in the next post! Promise.

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Greeting internet peoples! Get ready to say ‘Uh-Oh’ because this time we’re doing SpagettiOs. Without further ado, lets get cracking:

1: Meatballs

Admittedly, these are the meatballs that come with this can of SpaghettiOs. I’ve never tried them and want to see how well they blend with the beloved pasta. Clearly the marketing teams thought this was a good idea. I suppose I should give these meatballs a chance before condemning the monster who interfered with the recipe of one of my most beloved childhood meals. (Also it should be noted I am quite picky when it comes to meatballs: half the time I don’t like them)

I’ve got to hand it to the people of SpagettiOs. The meatballs were not only amazing but they really added something to the O’s. Having them really made it feel like more of a meal in every bite, not just a snack you slurp down and then get on with your day. 9 out of 10, the only docking factor being the meat was a little bland.


2: Potato Chips:

Beforehand I figured this would be just like the crunchy breading that gets sprinkled over pasta in the really fancy dishes. Coincidentally those are often the best pasta recipes (like the mac and cheese recipe my mom found online, which is divine).  So I crushed a chip and sprinkled it over a spoon full of O’s.