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Player Profile- Chris Evert

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Chris Evert is an American tennis player that started playing at the age of five in 1959 and she ended up retiring in 1989 and is currently 62 years old. Evert’s father was also a former tennis player which is why she started playing. Her father taught all five of his kids how to play. She caught on to the game very well and in 1970 she was ranked number 1 junior player in her age group. When Evert entered her first 34 Grand Slam tournaments, she advanced to at least the semifinals and eventually made it up to 55 consecutive wins in 1974. While continuously winning games, she also won the French Open and Wimbledon championships. She continued to only get better and the next year she had a U.S Open number one ranking and a second French title. Chris held the number one ranking for the Us Open for the remainder of the 1970’s.

Moving to the 1980’s, Chris won an Australian Open title in 1982. However, she met her competition this decade which was Martina Navratilova and lost the 1984 U.S Open final by her. She still continued to play and won the French Open in 1985 and 86.

Chris was mainly a singles player and won 18 singles grand slam championships. By doing this, she achieved a record of career winning percentage in tennis which was 90 percent. She entered the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1995.



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