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Wimbledon is the oldest tennis championship tournament around. It was founded in 1877 which was about 140 years ago. It is located in London and is part of four grand slam tournaments. The other three being the US Open, the Australian Open, and the French Open. The Wimbledon stadium happens to be the only one still played on outdoor, grass courts. The tournaments at Wimbledon usually take place during the last two weeks of June and the first two weeks of July. Wimbledon is ranked number one court complex because it has many different courts with about 728 extra seats, extensive facilities for the players, a museum, club staff housing and many more facilities. In the past, the tournament had been delayed due to rain. However, in 2009 a retractable roof was built making it the first time that the rain didn’t stop the tournament for a long time. Both the women’s and men’s singles consist of 128 players while there are generally 104 male’s doubles and 108 women’s doubles entered.

The main events include:

  • Women’s doubles
  • Men’s doubles
  • Women’s singles
  • Men’s singles
  • Mixed doubles

There are even events for junior tennis players that include:

  • Boys singles
  • Girls singles
  • Boys doubles
  • Girls doubles

Unlike the main events, the junior events do not include the mixed doubles.


Information and picture from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Championships,_Wimbledon

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