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Player Profile- Venus Williams

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Venus Williams is the older sister to Serena Williams who was written about earlier in this blog. She was born in 1980. Just like Serena, Venice began playing tennis at a young age also. Her dad began to teach her how to play at the age of four. Her tennis skills were great and continued to improve as she got older. By 1994 she officially had become a pro tennis player. Venus achieved the title of Grand Slam singles player seven times and is a former World Number 1 singles player. She has accomplished many titles including being one of only four women to have won either five or more Wimbledon singles titles. She is also only one in five women to win 200 or more Grand Slam single matches. In 2012, Venus and her sister Serena both won gold in women’s doubles at the Summer Olympic Games. By winning this, each sister had a total of four gold metals. She was placed as twelfth on the women’s all-time list and her titles at Wimbledon tie her with two others on eighth place on the women’s all-time list. Now, she is currently placed as number seven for singles and 31 for doubles.








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